Brooklyn Generation School Collaborates with Lenoir University to Track the Egret and Learn about Migration


Jan Dolle and Jacline Bantegui, two science teachers at Brooklyn Generation School (BGS), and Dr. John Brzorad, a professor at Lenoir University in North Carolina, are collaborating so that students in New York can track the migration of the Egret.

Professor Brzorad will be in New York this spring to map the birds nesting grounds in Jamaica bay and on Staten Island.  He will work with the teachers to develop an Intensive Course for some of next year's incoming ninth grade students, and components of the Living Environment course that's common for all ninth graders. Students might then be able to continue their focus on the birds and ecosystem in Studio courses throughout the year.


While the project includes curriculum on the tracking of individual birds, it also facilitates learning around how populations migrate across oceans and continents. The project is hands-on incorporating the use of technology and field studies in local ecosystems. Hopefully, students will be able to assist in the trapping of the birds, where the scientists safely install a device to track its movement using Movebank, an animal tracking app.

This is a great opportunity for creativity in instruction that helps students connect the classroom to the world! 


And many thanks to GSN board member, Fred Spar, for sharing his passion, believing in our students, making the introductions, and for making this opportunity possible!

Generation Schools Network Awarded $35,000!


GSN was recently awarded two grants totaling $35,000. The Anschutz Foundation gave $25,000 to support GSN's continued work in Colorado. Another $10,000 was awarded by the Adolph Coors Foundation to further fund GSN's work in rural Colorado at Pagosa Springs Elementary and Bayfield Middle School, where GSN has been providing services around schedule redesign, collaborative planning for teachers, and advisory programs for students. 

A big thank you to both Anschutz and Coors Foundations for their generosity! 

Generation Schools Network Wrapping Up First of Three Years of Tony Grampsas Youth Services (TGYS) Funding


TGYS, a program of the Colorado State Government, funds local organizations that work with youth and their families through programs designed to prevent youth crime and violence, youth marijuana use, and child abuse and neglect. GSN has been awarded three years of funding to support implementation and expansion of the Advocacy programs at West Generation Academy (WGA) and The Englewood Campus (TEC). Advocacy is a daily class designed to provide support for social and emotional growth as well as monitor academic progress. Advocacy also helps youth develop protective factors including relationships with trusted adults, supportive peer groups, and valuable life skills. 

The TGYS funds have enabled GSN to build expanded Advocacy curricular resources for our teachers and students and train teachers on the skills they need to build strong relationships with their students. In his report on the site visit at West Generation Academy, Adam Musielewicz complimented the "authentic relationships" he witness as well as GSN's strong commitment to professional development for teachers and non-profit staff. Mr. Musielewicz also offered helpful suggestions around evaluating curricular materials and empowering youth to take a leadership role in Advocacy. 



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