GSN Is proud to announce the launching of our online store Shopify GSN! The store is now live and available for teachers, principals, community members and parents to purchase resources on College and Career Readiness and Social Emotional Learning. In addition, we have the option to provide virtual training, which can also be purchased through the store. For a FREE sample, use the code "GROWTH2017" to download our Growth Mindset Unit. 

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This past month, members of the CREC launched a new collaborative effort: CREC Genesis Groups. CREC Leadership and partners from around the state are collaborating on six different topics that were identified by CREC member districts as priority focus areas. The groups include: Teacher Recruitment and Retention, Social Emotional Learning/Disengaged Students, Teacher and Leader Efficacy, Student Centered Accountability, College and Career Readiness, and most recently, STEM. Watch for news on a Fifth Day Group coming soon. The initial launch of the groups focuses on engaging and connecting members, discovering and sharing best practices, and mapping, leveraging and securing resources. Genesis groups meet monthly for collaboration and are seeking community and foundation sponsors for their work. 


On March 17th, as part of professional development for 40 parent coordinators under NYCDOE Office of Superintendent Conyers' purview
, GSN's East Coast Director, Claude Aska, presented on the importance of college and career readiness and how it could fuel the enhancement of a young person's life opportunities. The Office of Superintendent Conyer supports 47 high schools spanning the Tri-state area.


Bill Zito is a website developer in San Francisco, CA, where he teaches coding to prospective software engineers. He has experience building well-designed and easy-to-use websites and CMS-based websites. Bill also has field experience in education as a tutor and teaching assistant. In college, he started and ran a 70-person tutoring organization at a local elementary school. Education will always hold an important place in his heart. Bill is currently helping to design the Brooklyn Generation School website. The website will feature BGS' social-emotional learning (SEL) and college guidance programs alongside academics so the website can serve as a hub for fundraising and student recruitment.


March 29th
BGS Student Workplace Visit to the Department of Design & Construction 

April 6th
Mock Interview and Summer Fair at Colorado's Finest School of Choice

April 17th
Military and Protective Services Workshop at Douglas County High Schools hosted at ThunderRidge High School 
GSN will host a Military and Protective Services Career Exploration Workshop for high school students and their parents from Douglas County High School to explore a future in the armed or protectives services (i.e. military, police, fire, EMT). Students and parents will hear from current and former protective service personnel about why they served, how to pursue a career in the different branches, and what the options are in terms of a pathway to becoming a police/fire/EMT professional including enlisting, joining ROTC, attending a military academy, or pursuing a medical pathway via the military. Students will also be able to participate in military mock interviews and explore post-secondary education options. 

To see our latest Military and Protective Services Workshop at Columbine High School, click here

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Are you interested in volunteering with GSN? Check out these two opportunities! 

Flash Animator: Through the use of an online platform (Squarespace), it is our hope to reach, engage, and inform a full audience ranging from educators to parents. This new aspect of GSN's website will serve as a hotspot on the educational barriers today's youth face and the way Generation Schools methods and practices as well as those of its partners directly combat them to support student success. GSN is in need of a highly skilled volunteer to make our vision come to life through the use of a video software like Flash. This video will be 1-2 minutes long and will include a stick figure walking along a path, making their way through life's obstacles. Please contact us if you are willing to help us create this vision and see it through to be published on Squarespace.  If you are interested, please contact Ellen at

Researcher: GSN seeks a highly skilled volunteer in the areas of philanthropic donations and international grant processes. GSN is being asked to bring our Social Emotional Learning curriculum to Ireland and the UK. We are looking for a volunteer to research grants and philanthropic partnerships that would help to fund this work.  If you are interested, please contact Katie at

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