GSN Begins Work at Early College of Arvada!  

On January 7 th , Generation Schools Network began a series of professional development trainings at Early College of Arvada (ECA) conducted by Lisa Leith, PhD and Brittney Ames. GSN partnered with ECA to provide onsite trainings to develop a clear "Instructional Way" and protocols for a teacher mentoring program at the school. The goal is to improve each teacher's ability to meet the requirements of the unique Early College Model. As one of only five Early College schools in the state, ECA faces unique challenges in meeting the needs of their under-resourced student population while still maintaining the instructional level required by Senate Bill 225 to qualify as an Early College school.

Dr. Leith discusses the w ork with teachers at Early College of Arvada.

Student-Centered Accountability Program Featured in Denver Post 

The Student-Centered Accountability Program (S CAP) was recently featured in an Opinion Editorial in the Denver Post. The Student Centered Accountability Program is a work group of the 60 district Colorado Rural Education Collaborative facilitated by Generation Schools Network. For more on the CREC, please visit our website. S-CAP  is designed to make school accountability more relevant to and actionable for local stakeholders while taking into account small "n" size.

The article, written by Lisa Yates, Superintendent of Buena Vista School District and S-CAP founding member, and Colorado Education Initiative President, Rebecca Holmes. The article, "It's time to change Colorado's school accountability system," reviews the history of Colorado's accountability system and the need for the next step in it's evolution. You can find the article here.

GSN CEO Assists in Facilitating Skid Row School with the Billions Institute

As a Billions Institute Fellow, GSN CEO, Wendy Loloff Cooper, helped to facilitate the January Skid Row School  with change makers from around the country and world. During the week of January 7 th , she had the privilege of facilitating for a group of change makers from the United Kingdom. Their team won the "Potato Head PDSA Cycle Challenge". For more about the Skid Row School or Billions Fellowship, please click here . Interested in helping to host an event in Denver? Let Wendy know:

Skid Row School participants from the UK engage in the "Potato Head PDSA Cycle Challenge"

Are you looking for tips to help students catch up when they get behind?

Students who struggle to find academic success and maintain grade level abilities are more likely to drop-out of school. Even before Kindergarten, significant gaps in education preparedness can be detected. This equity gap can then be dramatically exacerbated by school quality, access to enrichment experiences and the many other factors mentioned on the Student Success Journey site.

The good news is that schools and communities can work to intentionally close student learning gaps using research-based strategies. For more on strategies to address academic achievement gaps, please visit: Student Success Journey .

Upcoming Events!

January 23, 2019
Student-Centered Accountability Program (S-CAP) Systems Support Review at Akron School District
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February 11, 2019 (Inclement Weather - Rescheduled)
Student-Centered Accountability Program (S-CAP) Systems Support Review at Monte Vista School District
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February 13, 2019
Student-Centered Accountability Program (S-CAP) Systems Support Review at Haxtun School District
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