Victory Collegiate Academy Takes The Lead On Hydropnics Lab at the South Shore Education Complex

On January 23rd, after several months of coordination among school leaders at the South Shore Education Complex, it was confirmed the Office of Borough President of Brooklyn, Cornell University Cooperative Extension and Victory Collegiate Academy will take on the role as lead partner in the development of a new hydroponic classroom at the complex. This marks a huge step forward in the development of the lab. Victory Collegiate Academy will share the lab with Brooklyn Generation School to offer STEM-related courses to a total of 582 students. As the lead in the process, Generation Schools Network was able to secure funding from the Consolidated Edison's Community of Giving Program for teacher trainings in hydroponics, which will be conducted by Cornell's Chief Scientist, Philson Warner. "This is fantastic news for the students of both schools, and for the Canarsie community in Brooklyn," said Dr. Warner. "This is not only STEM," Dr. Warner continued, "it also demonstrates to young people and community stakeholders in the area that it is possible to grow sustainable food sources in urban environments. It is how we need to start thinking about growing food for future generations."

Growth Mindset, Grit & Self-Care - SEL Presentation at Westgate Community School

GSN's Ellen Sarkisian and Maggie Mather recently provided professional 
development to the teachers of Westgate Community School. The first half of the training covered crucial topics for students: Growth Mindset &  Grit. The second half of the training included research and best practices for teacher self-care. Westgate's staff was eager to learn about these topics and continued to deliver powerful discussion and reflection to the presentation!

San Luis Valley STEM Workshop Takes Flight

On Friday, January 19th, San Luis Valley (SLV) Educators collaborated in their 3rd all-day STEM workshop facilitated by Generation Schools Network's Dr. Lisa Leith and Kirk Banghart. The interactive workshop, held at Adams State
Educators from the San Luis Valley participate in GSN's STEM Workshop. 
University, focused on infusing the Engineering Design Process into
hands-on learning.  Participants explored key STEM proficiencies such as augmentation, problem solving and inquiry, while designing, constructing and testing innovative aerodynamic models. The purpose of the four-part SLV STEM collaboration is to build capacity across SLV schools to lead and facilitate rich STEM integrated instruction for students in grades K-12.


February 5th:
Opening of RAP Room in Trinidad, CO. 
A safe place for students to learn from a coach who will utilize the Kids Working It Out curriculum to increase student's skill level around conflict resolution.

February 12th-15th: 
Respect for All Week,  Brooklyn Generation School, New York.
Respect for All Week is a New York Department of Education event that focuses on bullying prevention, discrimination, harassment, and inclusiveness. BGS's wellness and mental health departments will host workshops on LGBTQ, teen dating violence, and the impact of bullying in relation to suicide. It will end in a mural pledge.

March 5th-6th: 
Student-Centered Accountablity Program (S-CAP) Site Review at Monte Vista School District
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March 9th:
Registration is available through Nita McAuliffe - 719-587-5417; 

March 15th:
Peak Readiness Event with Franklin Templeton
Brooklyn Generation School
Franklin Templeton, a community partner, will host students from BGS in an effort to teach them about the world of finance. This peak readiness event will lead into job-shadowing experience for students.

April 23rd:
Student-Centered Accountablity Program (S-CAP) Site Review at Holyoke School District
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