Giles Fowler, 84. Teacher, colleague, friend and bon vivant.
Like a good reporter, he wanted us to know that he actually died on November 3, 2018 from complications resulting from diabetes, heart problems and a spreading infection that began with a root canal.
He did not pass away or join his maker or ascend to heaven. He just died peacefully, thanks to a bountiful dose of morphine. 
But he also was comforted by a long and close relationship with the Episcopal church, where services were held on at St. John’s in front of a full house in Ames on Sat. Jan. 5, 2019.
Gone, but certainly not-to-be soon forgotten.
Just ask the 85 to 100 former students, faculty, staff and friends who turned out on January 4 for a Remembrance/Wake at Alluvial Brewery just north of Ames.
Veronica Fowler (‘84, Journalism and Mass Communication) arranged the affair in the spacious back room housing the brewing equipment and related aromas.
Veronica arranged for every guest to receive a chit saying, “Have a Drink on Giles.” 
Giles would be raising a glass or three – probably either Pilsner Urquell or Peroni. (Wine -- his favorite nectar -- was not on the menu.)
Just about everyone toasted Giles – including Greenlee School
Director Angela Powers and a gaggle of his former students, beginning with Pat Beach who penned the obituary that captured the essence of the man.
Among the toasters were Jon Naughton (who retired that day from the Des Moines Register), Kathie Kinrade Obradovich, Lisa Kingsley, Bethany Kohoutek, Julie Rudd, Val VanKooten, Barb Musfeldt Tapscott, Tom O’Donnell, and Dave Roepke.
More than a few came from out of state, including Chris and Caralee Adams (D.C.), Chris Lester (Kansas City), Maureen Deisinger (Virginia), Dru Frykberg (St. Paul), Dom and Kim Caristi (Indiana), Chris Young and Rich Ness (Illinois), and a happy sprinkling of former Kansas City Star and Times colleagues.
Not to mention his far-flung four children – Stephen and children (Toronto, Canada), Andrew (Thailand), Kate (Myanmar/aka Burma) and Will (American University senior, Washington, D.C.).
Veronica’s relatives and friends joined the fray from as far away as Texas, Pennsylvania and Boston.
So did Giles’s more-than-drinking buddies from the Friday Afternoon Curmudgeons’ Club and assorted (as well as sordid) others—all with their own tales to tell.
Some of the fondest tributes came from those who could not make it to Ames. For example, Paul Kix ('03, Journalism and Mass Communication), who read as voraciously as Giles, wrote from Connecticut:
“The man knew how to pile on one great sentence after another. But he wasn't just a stylist. Giles had a deep sense for structure, and I learned as much from him about how to craft a story as how to craft a sentence. He was a mentor, a friend, and above all, a bon vivant ."   
Anne Christiansen-Bullers, (‘90, Journalism and Mass Communication) writing from Kansas on behalf of the late Finn and herself asked us to “Please share with everyone our sympathies for a fine educator and loyal friend."
“If there is indeed a heaven for hard-headed characters like Finn and Giles, there must be a corner that resembles the M-Shop, circa 1985, where the two are cussing and discussing at a corner table.
“The image makes me smile, anyway.”
Maureen Deisinger, long-time student adviser during the Giles era, told us on Saturday that “Virtually every student I talked to said Giles was tough and demanding, but the best teacher they ever had.”
This sentiment was echoed by Kati Jividen Bernard (‘01, Journalism and Mass Communication) who said simply “He wanted us to learn.”
Family friend Hilary Emmerson phoned in several lovely recollections from New Zealand and then added: “Giles could insert more syllables than anyone I ever knew into just two words: ‘Jesus Christ’"
He was, after all, from Missouri.
So here’s a final toast to a gentleman, grammarian, jazz lover, writer, author, critic, stylist, raconteur, bon vivant, father and friend.
Tom Emmerson (’60) & beyond
AEJMC announces Greenlee faculty as 2019 Senior Scholar
Professor Daniela Dimitrova was announced one of AEJMC's 2019 Senior Scholars for her work in the article, "Terrorists, Migrants or Asylum Seekers? Understanding the Media Framing of Refugees." Her research focuses on the Syrian refugee crisis and how the refugees were portrayed in the media.
Greenlee faculty included in first #CYThx campaign
To celebrate and promote effective teaching, advising and mentoring, the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) partnered with ISU Learning Communities, the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs, and Student Government to initiate #CyThx at Iowa State University. Jan Boyles, Daniela Dimitrova, Lisa Munger and Marcia Prior-Miller were included in this recognition of valued ISU community members.
Greenlee graduate student presents in The Story Collider
In an entertainment venue normally reserved for musical artists and stand-up comedians,  five Iowa State University researchers, including Greenlee grad student, Denise Coberley, grabbed a mic and took center stage in front of about 100 faculty, staff, students and Ames community members at the Memorial Union’s Maintenance Shop on Tuesday, Oct. 16. The event, called “Fields of Opportunity,” was hosted by The Story Collider podcast series and coordinated by the Office of the Vice President for Research. Check out her story on the national podcast.

Greenlee School Director Angela Powers on set Jan. 31 with We Are Iowa Local 5 News Meteorologist Taylor Kanost and Anchor Elias Johnson.
Greenlee faculty speaking at William Penn University
Associate professor and Interim Director of Graduate Education Tracy Lucht will be giving a public lecture at William Penn on Feb. 21. at 6 p.m. The lecture, part of "Leaders Speak Series" is titled “Why Community Matters: Lessons from Midwestern Women’s History.”
Greenlee student named this year’s Hugh Sidey Scholar
Alex Connor, senior in journalism and mass communication was awarded th e the 2018 Hugh S. Sidey Scholarship in Print Journalism. Connor will receive $5,000 and an all-expense-paid trip to Washington, D.C. this spring.

During the D.C. trip, Connor will attend the 2019 White House Correspondents’ Dinner and will be included among the WHCA scholarship winners honored at the dinner.  
Central Iowa PRSA names Greenlee student scholarship recipient
Kennedy Plowman, junior in public relations and speech communications, earned the Student Scholarship awarded by Central Iowa PRSA.

Plowman was awarded the scholarship at Central Iowa PRSA's November monthly meeting by Greenlee grad Ann Thelen, scholarship chair and immediate past president  of the chapter.
Greenlee student shelters homeless through internship
Josh Johnson, junior in journalism and mass communication, helped the homeless through his 499 internship at Memorial Lutheran Church in Ames. During below freezing temperatures in January, Johnson raised $500 to shelter homeless people in hotels.
The Italian experience I wasn’t expecting: Living in award-winning architecture
This semester, the Greenlee School is offering short course intensives to students. Marketing Technology for Advertising and Public Relations (Advrt 391A), held their first meeting of the semester, which included marketing technologist Leo Morejon. #whygreenlee
Assistant Professor Dara Wald's  first-authored book (with Professor Anna Peterson at the University of Florida) has been accepted by Purdue University Press for its series “New Directions in the Human-Animal Bond.” The book, titled  Cat Fight , explores lessons from communication and animal ethics to address polarized environmental conflicts.

In addition, Dara Wald’s article, led by Dave Peterson (PoliSci) and Kristy Carter (student in WESEP), “Carbon or cash: Evaluating the effectiveness of environmental and economic messages on attitudes about wind energy in the United States” has been published in  Energy Research & Social Science   (2019). 51:119-128. (3.815 Impact Factor).
Wald’s first-authored manuscript "Clarifying the Empathy-Altruism Hypothesis: How Media-Generated Empathy Amplifies Support for Farmers During the Drought" has been accepted for the 2019 Conference on Communication and Environment (COCE) in Vancouver.
Wald is co-editor of a special issue in  Science and Environmental Communication,  a specialty section within  Frontiers in Communication . The goal of this special issue, “Advancing a Cross Boundary Social Science of Trust in Natural Resource Management,” is to seek original research of relevance to NRM and science communication that advances the development of a scholarly understanding of trust that crosses disciplinary or contextual boundaries. The full Call for Papers can be found here .
Assistant Professor  Jan Lauren Boyles was recognized by The National Residence Hall Honorary for the Midwest Institutional Faculty/Staff of the Month Award. In teaching, she is also developing a new online section for JLMC 464 (Journalism and Literature) to be offered later this spring. In service, Boyles is serving on ISU task forces related to student evaluation and campus climate. This month, she also reviewed a manuscript for  Newspaper Research Journal .
Senior lecturer Sherry Berghefer attended the IRTS Faculty-Industry Summit and CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas January 7-9. Thirty-seven faculty members from across the country were selected to participate in the summit, which provided an opportunity to hear from and talk to media leaders. She also had the honor, as part is the seminar, to attend the Advancing Diversity Hall of Fame Induction. 
Associate professor Jay Newell reports the following:

In scholarship:
Jeff Blevins and Newell published “ Transparency in Political Advertising: Assessing the Utility and Validity of the FCC's Online Public Inspection File System ” in the  Journal of Information Policy . It’s the first methods piece to evaluate the accuracy of an FCC system that tracks political ads on broadcast TV.
Also in scholarship, the year’s second issue of  the Journal of Advertising Education  is now available on SAGE. I’ve enjoyed editing the journal, which recently received SCOPUS accreditation. Both the American Academy of Advertising and AEJMC’s Advertising Division now offer online access to  JAE  to their members. Look for a new volume and edition in May 2019.
In teaching:
Newell's first Greenlee “Short Course Intensive” launched on a snowy Sunday in January. Ad tech wizard and Cannes advertising award winner Leo Morejon and Newell are co-teaching  Marketing Technology for Advertising and Public Relations . The first and last session are in-classroom, with the remainder of sessions online. In the first session, Leo presented some of his legendary work, including a social media piece for Oreos.

In service:
The Washington Media Scholars Foundation will offer a one-time scholarship in memory of Greenlee ad student Mia Guion, who passed away a year after winning first prize in the 2017 Washington Media Scholars Case Competition. The Mia Guion Scholarship will go to a Greenlee student, and be presented in DC in June 2019.
Associate professor Gang Han reports the following:

In research:
Han has two co-authored papers accepted to present to Health Communication Division at ICA’s upcoming annual conference in May.
Media use and non-communication determinants on perceived gap in real-healthy body images: Evidence from longitudinal CHNS data  (first author);
Classification of use of online health information channels and variation in motivations for channel selection  (second author).
In service:
Han recently provided editorial and review service to journals, including  Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, International Journal of Public Opinion Research, Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, Atlantic Journal of Communication, SAGE Open,  and  Chinese Journal of Communication.
Senior lecturer Erin Wilgenbusch served as a judge in the Nebraska PRSA Paper Anvil awards in December.
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