Good News from MSBE #3
May 19, 2020
For the safety of our community, be will be continuing CURBSIDE DELIVERY . Just give us a call, or email, or order through the website. We can also send you photos of the inventory, or FaceTime to help with your selection. There is nothing so sweet as leisurely browsing, and that time will come again once we get this under control.
Weekends 10-4.
Wednesday Thursday Friday 1-7
Please read the statement from the Board of MSW, Inc . as to their decision to cancel the 2020 season in the Jim Mitchell Community Park. Their plans are to focus this coming year on completing the "Children's Exploration" part of the park, and on responding to the immediate needs of the community through an increased partnership with Simonds Elementary. Please stay tuned for their announcement of this year's Jim Mitchell Scholarship Recipients and Jim Mitchell Local Hero Book Awards at Simonds!
Art for Kids & Beyond Thanks to the power of Zoom, and the generosity of this year's visiting author/artist to Simonds School,
Mr. Laroche will meet with each class directly from his studio! He will discuss his books with them, read a bit, and show the students his award winning paper sculptures that illustrate his gorgeous books. We are beyond excited for this extraordinary opportunity, made possible each year thanks to the partnership between Simonds Elementary and their PTO, MainStreet Warner Inc., MainStreet BookEnds, Warner Men's Club, the Nancy Sibley Wilkins Fund, and generous local donors.
For K-1st Graders

A poetry collection introducing animal architects that build remarkable structures in order to attract a mate and have babies.
For 2nd-3rd Graders

Step into unique homes from around the world and discover the many fascinating ways in which people live and have lived.
For 4th-5th Graders
Combining world culture, history, geography, and architecture, this is a visually stunning look at ancient cities around the globe.

Each child has received their designated book, along with their teacher and the paraprofessionals for each classroom. What an exciting and fun way to end this extraordinary school year, to keep an endearing tradition alive, and to end on the promise of hope for our children.

MSW is accepting donations from the public to defray the cost of the books. Call 603-456-3965 or visit the website to make your contribution, and thank you!
Thank you Dana Biscotti Myskowski for your generous book offer, as we celebrate Lyme Disease Awareness Month. Any contribution to the Warner Food Pantry through the Warner Public Market will receive her book, I Cannot Play with You ! A fun and informative mystery! And ... just when we so need to get outside..... Ticks!
But we've got you covered there, with
YaYa Products from Contoocook!
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