Feeding MORE Elephants in Nepal 

EAI has added two more privately-owned elephants to the list of those we are providing an enriched winter diet. Laxmi Kali and Maruti Kali are now benefiting from your support of our Feeding Elephants in Nepal program

We are extremely pleased Laxmi Kali and Maruti Kali's owners have agreed to accept our assistance. The mahouts suffer seeing the elephants in their care unwell and express their gratefulness for this essential food. We provide chickpeas, molasses, rice and mineral powder to enrich the elephants' diets and help them weather the cold winter.

Laxmi Kali and Maruti Kali's mahouts prepare kuchi with ingredients provided by EAI.

Each elephant we serve has a unique set of circumstances. EAI and our representatives in Nepal carefully evaluate an elephant's needs, as well as the openness of the owners to accepting our support. It can be a slow and challenging process, which is why we celebrate every chance we get to aid elephants in need.  

Lambodhar Prasad wears his EleCoat with a tarp around his shelter to keep him warm. Jaymati Kali enjoys a drink of water with her mahouts.

In our last newsletter, we reported our ele-friend Lambodhar Prasad was ill, but we are happy to say he is on the mend! Thanks to the efforts and cooperation of his mahouts and the National Trust for Nature Conservation, this majestic creature is back on his feet.

We are also glad to share that Jaymati Kali's health is improving with twice daily enriched porridge supplement, and a new EleCoat to keep her warm. 

Shanti makes alterations to Jaymati Kali's coat.             Mahouts prepare porridge.

Thank you to everyone involved for going the extra distance for these needy elephants, and to our supporters for making EAI's assistance possible. Please consider supporting this ongoing effort. Every donation helps, no matter the size! 
ERNA Bridges Complete

Click the video to watch Carol explain the swamp bridge project.
Just this week, we completed our last bridge - ahead of schedule - over the marshy area at Elephant Refuge North America (ERNA).

These 15 bridges are a critical piece of infrastructure needed for security vehicles to inspect and maintain the 120,000 feet of fencing. The fences must be monitored on a daily basis when elephants are in residence. Being in a tropical area with 50 plus inches of rain annually, vegetation grows quickly and must be managed. The bridges make that job doable.

Our sincere thanks to everyone who donated to the Build a Bridge campaign and to the following foundations for their generous financial support:
  • Triad Foundation, Inc.
  • The P Twenty-One Foundation
  • T.S. & K.D. Glide Foundation Trust
Let the elephants come. We are ready!
New Elephant Health Research

Two new papers are available in the Elephant Health Research section on the EAI website.

EAI founder/CEO Carol Buckley and EAI Integrative Health Team member Dr. Ali Mobasheri co-authored an article on elephants and osteoarthritis. The paper, Elephants, Mobility and Captivity: What Can These Mighty and Majestic Animals Teach Us About Joint Health and Osteoarthritis?, focuses on how confinement to small spaces leads to health risks such as musculoskeletal disease, pain and early death.

A case report provided by EAI Integrative Health Team member Wendy Jensen, DVM, shows how a long-standing knee wound in 60-year-old Lucky, a female Asian elephant, was treated effectively with homeopathic medicine.
Send Your Valentines a Gift of Elephant Joy

Show your favorite elephant lovers that you care with an EAI Valentine Honor Gift. Not only will your gift express your love, it will give the gift of joy to elephants in need. You can send the card to your friends and loved ones by email, or we will send you a PDF you can print and mail.

If you would like your donation to go to one of our specific programs - like feeding elephants in Nepal - just let us know in the comments section of the form. 
As always, we greatly appreciate your interest, commitment and help. You make our work for elephants possible. Thank you!
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