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May 19th - 26th, 2023

Sunday, May 21st

“Press On: Making Faith My Own"

Scripture: Philippians 3:7-14

During both services, we will recognize our graduating high school seniors!


Click here on Sunday mornings at 9am to join the Traditional Worship Service
Click here on Sunday mornings at 11am to join the Contemporary Worship Service

High School Senior Sunday: May 21st - High School Seniors will be recognized in both 9am & 11am service

Games Day: Thursday, May 25th @ 10:00am

Combined Worship Service: Sunday, May 28th @ 10:00 am (Sanctuary).

Genesis Singers Youth Choir Tour: May 26th - May 31st

Vacation Bible School: June 26th - 28th - @ 5:30-8:30pm

Youth Mission Trip (Memphis): July 9th -14th

Prattville First Methodist Disaffiliation

Investment Opportunity

We all love this church and want it to continue to thrive, fulfilling its mission to welcome all, and to help everyone find a Christ-centered life of purpose. Our disaffiliation from the UMC was approved by the Alabama-West Florida Conference on 5/7/23 along with 192 other churches. Following this transition, we find ourselves united in our mission, grounded in Wesleyan principles, and focused on making disciples of Jesus Christ. Disaffiliating from the UMC has allowed us to chart our own path forward and to take our missions and ministries further than we ever have, to make a Kingdom impact both locally and globally. Along with our disaffiliation, we are required to pay a fee that will secure our status apart from the annual conference and grant us the rights to the deeds for all of our church property. This total amount is approximately $469,000 and will be secured through a local bank.

We are currently in a strong financial situation, but need everyone’s help to retire this debt quickly as to not hinder the ministries we value in the future. To contribute, please note “disaffiliation” on the memo line of your check. If contributing electronically, please contact the church office so that the funds get to the right account. The more money collected by May 31st is less that we must finance. There is also a financial benefit to paying off the line-of-credit within the next 12 months. Please seek God to see how He is calling you to give, over-and-above your general fund giving, during this important time in the life of our church.

Link to email church finance office

2023 FUMC Financial Update (as of 4/30/23)

General Fund Budget:


Total Funds Received:


Total Expenses:


Net Shortfall:


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Director of Contemporary Worship and Technology
Director of Communications & Marketing

May 21st is Senior Sunday

ATTENTION class of 2023, we want to recognize YOU!

If you are a senior, or have a son or daughter who is a senior, and would like them to be recognized, please contact Owen Spencer!

Email Owen Spencer



VBS Registration
VBS Volunteer Registration
Celebrate and honor friends, family, and loved ones by purchasing a new hymnal for our church! Our new hymnal is called Our Great Redeemer's Praise, is published by Seedbed Publishing and should be available late summer. Each hymnal is $50 and a portion of your purchase will go to support our disaffiliation fund. The new hymnal will be a great addition to our future worship life as a church! 
Hymnal Contents:
• Contains over 675 hymns
• Hymnal is the first-ever collection of hymns reflecting the worship traditions of the 12 major North American denominations which trace their heritage to Wesleyan revival
• Includes responsive readings, selected metrical psalter, liturgies including baptism and Holy Communion which are based on the same traditional Anglican rituals that are used in most familiar hymnals in the Wesleyan tribe
• Includes the Wesleyan Covenant Service in updated language for today’s use
• The arrangement of hymns is uniquely organized around the twelve articles of the Apostles' Creed.
• Incorporates nearly 100 hymns by Charles and John Wesley—more than any hymnal released in the last century
• Restores traditional language to many hymns which have been edited for theological reasons
To purchase a hymnal or hymnals for our sanctuary, please contact the church office.

Early Learning Academy Spring Program

Are You Interested in Joining our Congregational Care Team?

As our church continues to grow, so do our opportunities to meet the care needs of our congregation. The Congregational Care Team is looking for servants who are willing to assist Pastor Tony in ministering to our homebound, sick, hospitalized and those just needing a loving touchpoint from our church family. No special skills are necessary, just a heart to serve and compassion to meet people where they are and provide loving care. The role may be as simple as sending cards or may also include making calls, sending emails or visits throughout the month. If you are interested in finding your place to serve in this ministry area, contact the church office today (office@prattvillemethodist.org).

Transition Team Update

Transition Update 5/11/23

On 5/7, our disaffiliation was ratified by the Alabama West Florida Conference, along with 192 other UMC churches. To make the transition easier on payroll, benefits and financial accounting, our disaffiliation becomes effective on 5/31. We will begin removing the “United” from our signage and the cross and flame logo from our campus between now and then.

This past week, the Church Council, Transition Team and Church Staff participated in small group meetings with the Global Methodists, Free Methodists, Foundry Network and an independent church to gather information and vet each option ahead of congregation-wide meetings in late summer/early fall. Watch for more information over the summer as we seek to provide information about each option so that members can go into these congregation-wide meetings prepared and well-informed.

If your Sunday School class or small group has any questions on disaffiliation, please contact us via our email address (see below). A group of representatives from the Transition Team had a session with a Sunday School class recently to discuss questions and concerns. We are happy to meet with your group – just let us know!


Questions/Comments Received this Week:

Question: First of all, I would like to thank each and every person on the transition team. You have all worked so hard to provide the congregation with information and have kept us all apprised of what is going on, and you are all very much appreciated!  That said I have a question. When we joined First United Methodist we promised to uphold it by our prayers, presence, gifts, service, etc. Now that our church is separating from the United Methodist Church, what does it mean for those of us who joined the United Methodist Church. Are we still members? Have we "lost" our membership? Do we need to do anything to remove ourselves from the United Methodist roll? Has the entire congregation been "removed" from the United Methodist roll by our church disaffiliating? What is the status of our membership as individuals, or do we wait until our church affiliates with another branch of Methodism and then just become members of that organization?

Answer: Thank you for the kind words and excellent question! Our previous district superintendent in the UMC, Mike Pearson, sent an email detailing the options available to every member prior to 5/7. Members wishing to remain UMC needed to transfer their membership prior to our disaffiliation. Right now, all of us are members of Prattville First Methodist Church, which is currently operating as an independent church until we make a choice on whether to affiliate with another denomination or remain independent. Our individual memberships follow the church so, if we choose to affiliate with another denomination, we will become members of that new denomination automatically.

Please direct any questions or concerns to the Transition Team via 1) emailing transition@prattvillemethodist.org or 2) dropping a note in one of three boxes at the church (Sanctuary, Pratt Hall, church office)

Click Here to Email the Transition Team

Genesis Singers (Youth Choir)

Sunday, May 21 - Genesis Singers sing in the 9:00 service

Wednesday, May 24 - final rehearsal 5pm,

parent meeting following at 6pm

Friday, May 26 - depart at noon for choir tour!

Sunday, June 4 - Genesis Singers homecoming concert @ 9am

All youth, grades 7th-12th, are invited to join us for a fun summer

of growing in faith. Throughout the summer there will be a number

of ways for youth to connect. Invite a friend!

Monday, June 5 (6-8pm)

Summer Spark (Worship/Small Group Activities @ FMP)

Monday, June 12 (6-8pm)

Summer Spice (Bowling @ Bama Lanes)

Monday, June 19 (6-8pm)

Summer Spark (Worship & Small Group Activities @ FMP)

Monday, June 26

Vacation Bible School @ FMP (youth help with this event)

Monday, July 3 (6-8pm)

Summer Spark (Jesus Revolution movie @ FMP)

Monday, July 10

No meeting - Street Reach mission trip

Monday, July 17 (6-8pm)

Summer Spark (Worship/Small Group Activities @ FMP)


Sunday, July 23

Slip-N-Slide Kickball @ FMP

Monday, July 24

Lake Day

Tuesday, July 25

Montgomery Whitewater Park

Wednesday, July 26

Movie Night @ FMP

Thursday, July 27

Coosa Kayaking & Coaches Corner meal (Wetumpka)

Friday, July 28

Worship Night @ FMP

Saturday, July 29

Six Flags over Georgia

Monday, July 31 (6-8pm)

Summer Spark (Worship/Small Group Activities @ FMP)

Click here to Contact Owen Spencer for More Information

Joining First Methodist Prattville

Many have asked about church membership, either by profession of faith or by transferring your membership from another congregation. If it fits in your schedule, Pastor Tony would like to set up an appointment to meet with you; please email or call him at the church. He will also send you a membership form with general questions so we can get to know you better. There are two primary ways to join. Some prefer to walk forward and join the minister at the altar rail during the closing song at either the modern or traditional service. Others have been introduced to the congregation in a brief video Q&A that is played in the modern service. 

Baptism marks the beginning of our lifelong journey as disciples of Jesus Christ. Adults and youth older than 6th grade who have never been baptized will receive the sacrament of baptism before becoming members. Children are considered preparatory members and their membership becomes official when they participate in confirmation class in the 6th grade. For more information or to set up a meeting with Pastor Tony regarding membership, please contact the church office.

Click Here to Contact the Church about Membership

Lunch Group - Thursday, June 1st @ 11:30am


Sundays @ 8:20am in Sanctuary 202!

Have you felt The Lord calling you to do something that is bigger than yourself? Come be a part of our Legacy Prayer Team!!


Matthew 21:13 "And Jesus declared to them, It is written: My house will be called a HOUSE OF PRAYER!"

If you feel called to this team and would like to learn more information please contact our executive administrator, Jennifer Aughtman.

Email Jennifer Aughtman

From the app, you can watch services live, get access to our digital newsletter, safely give your offerings to the church, check the full prayer list, read the Bible, and check on upcoming events and so much more! Right from your cell phone!

Download it today from Apple or Android app stores and type “First Methodist Prattville.” It only takes a few seconds, but will keep you better connected to all that is happening at the church whether at home or on the go!

Download Our Church App

Sunday Morning Small Groups

Join one today!

Sunday Mornings -

YOUNG ADULTS - David Lewis


A class for singles, couples, and young families in their 20s and 30s.

Y.A.M.S. (Young Adults Married & Single) - Robyn and Stephen Davis  


A class for singles and couples in their 30s and 40s, this class studies topics relevant to life experiences. They invite all adults to join them as they learn and grow together.

JOURNEY CLASS - Dave Dageforde


This class, composed of single and married individuals in their 40s-50s and focuses on finding Christ in all aspects of life. Dave Dageforde teaches this class and invites you to join the journey.

LIFE 101 CLASS - Wayne Lambert  


With a versatile group of singles and couples (30'-50's, this class studies social topics of today from a Christian perspective. Wayne Lambert teaches this class and uses contemporary resources to study God’s word in today’s world of challenges.

NEW AGAPE - Brad Robbins and Tim Meadows


A melting pot of ages, backgrounds, and ideas forms the membership of this class. This discussion-based class has a strong emphasis on Church and Community Service. The doors of the class are always open to anyone who is seeking to begin a journey to a closer relationship with God.

JOHN WESLEY CLASS - Billy and Michelle Taylor  


A newer class for adults is the John Wesley class. Anyone who is not currently attending another class is invited to join them. They study different topics based on scripture for today’s world. They are taught by Billy Taylor.



The Friendship Class has a relaxed atmosphere made up mostly of empty nesters of all ages. The class format is discussion style and includes fun, fellowship, and friendship. Interactive studies focus on living the Christian life in today's world.

CARE AND SHARE CLASS - facilitator needed! (If you're open to serving, please email jenni@prattvillemethodist.org)


This eclectic group of women meets to share concerns and care for each other through their studies which revolve around Biblical applications to the trials of life.

DAVID R. WHITE CLASS - Karen Powell 


The David R. White Sunday School Class was named for a former Methodist minister and member of this class. It is composed of singles and couples in their 50s & 60s. This class is informal with lots of discussion and participation. Topics are centered around current issues based on biblical scriptures with insights and thoughts of popular, present-day authors such as J. Ellsworth Kalas and James W. Moore.



A mixed group of active retired (or soon to be retired) members who love learning of all types, but especially learning the Word. They share concerns, pray about and act on them, sing traditional hymns, and study the Bible. Leaders expand the prepared material with historical background and current relevance.

Prayer List Header.jpg

Prayer Concerns

Church Family: Ray Brasel, Henry Brothers, Carlyn Howell, Frank Lamar, Marion Lewis, Joan McCloskey, Louise Moody, Janet Payson, Eddie Pope, Betty Rucker (new prayer needs) Mike Harris


Extended Family: Earl Bryant, Ben Calvert, Richard Dudley, Angela Falkner, Darlene Goodhue, Lindsey Hogan, Gwen Lawrence, Amy Mann, Randy Miller, John Pennell, Rebecca Poire, R.D. Family, Deborah Sturdivant, Bill Tatum, Tyler Thompson, Lori Welch (new prayer needs) Stephanie Bear

Birth: Everett James Handerhan, son of Sean and Meghin Handerhan, born May 10, 2023.

Death: Leigh Trotter Golson - daughter of Pat and Deborah Trotter


The flowers on the altar have been placed to the Glory of God.

Screen Shot 2021-08-28 at 9.45.08 AM.png

Sanctuary Altar

Flower Calendar


Contact Freda Clark (freda@prattvillemethodist.org) or (334-365-5977) in the church office to reserve your date on the calendar for the upcoming weeks and months.


Add the Instant Church Directory App Today!

Our church directory is available to view on your mobile device! Instant Church Directory - the program we use to build our church directory - has a free app for church members to download. Go to the App Store on your phone. Search for Instant Church Directory. Download the app. Sign in with your email address and create your own password (you don’t need an administrative password to access the directory). Anytime updates are made to the directory, they will update on your device too. In the app, you will be able to search for church members' photos, and can call, email and text right from the app! Please check your information on the app and make sure it is correct. If you aren't able to log in, then we don't have your correct email address. If any of your contact info has changed, please call or text Carmen McCullough at 334.301.4641. For instance, do we need to delete a home phone number that's no longer in service? The online directory is separate from the church database, so call Carmen with any edits/changes to your contact info, or if you would like to update your photo in our online directory.

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Your copy should address 3 key questions: Who am I writing for? (Audience) Why should they care? (Benefit) What do I want them to do here? (Call-to-Action)

Create a great offer by adding words like "free" "personalized" "complimentary" or "customized." A sense of urgency often helps readers take an action, so think about inserting phrases like "for a limited time only" or "only 7 remaining"!