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Mission Statement

We will be the body of Christ in our Community by Connecting with God, Growing in Discipleship, and Serving the World.

Next Sermon for November 19th

Dear Oak Grove Family,

Despite sickness and rain the Holy Spirit moved mightily this past Sunday as we worshipped together, distributed bags to fill for Oak Grove’s Christ the King food drive, and consecrated the Freedom Rocks gathering space. 


It was a great joy to move the prayer rocks to the foot of the flagpole. It is my prayer that this becomes a space where people gather for fellowship, faith, and fun in the years ahead. Thank you to the worship ministry team, the Trustees, and the Boy Scouts for making this space possible!


We have set a goal of returning 250 grocery bags filled with the ingredients for a holiday meal. The bags will be distributed to our neighbors experiencing food insecurity. Please return your bag to Oak Grove, no later than Sunday, November 26th when we will bless the food during worship before sending them out into the community.


Finally, I will be leading a class on Sunday evening during Advent. We will be using the book that our Advent sermon series is based on The Heart That Grew Three Sizes:  Finding Faith in the Story of the Grinch. This four-week class begins Sunday, November 26, 2023 at 5:45pm in the conference room.


I pray you and your loved ones are happy and healthy.



Hello, dear church -

I think each family has a favorite holiday. For many, it is Christmas, watching the kids' eyes light up opening presents, or maybe New Year's Eve, lighting up the fireworks and staying up late together. For my family, though, our high holy day is always Thanksgiving. 

My mother has a big family, and we invite friends of friends and family friends to join us. It's a holiday where our house is open to all, whether we know ya or not. One of my favorite traditions is right before we say the blessing, we all gather in a circle, hold hands, and count off. It's always exciting watching the youngest being told what number to say, or the oldest forgetting which number we are on. Some years, we have over fifty people! 

It's a rare, beautiful moment in time where people who disagree about almost everything or people who have never met can hold hands and give thanks for each other and the food. It gives a beautiful glimpse of the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

I hope you each find a little slice of the Kingdom during the holiday season. I pray you find a holy patience that goes beyond understanding and eyes that allow you to see how God is showing up. And may you know that I am thankful for y'all, dear church.



Pastor Britney.

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Christ the King Bags Food Drive

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This Sunday, November 19th the focus in worship will be about Shaping Our Ministries Appropriately. This will be a time to recognize, celebrate, and consecrate many who serve in Children's Ministry & Youth Ministry at Oak Grove UMC. We are so grateful for you!


It is because of your selflessness, dedication, and time each week that Oak Grove is a place where our children can grow in their faith. The seeds you have planted today undoubtably bear fruits of love, kindness, and compassion. 


Week after week, you have poured your heart and soul into teaching, guiding, and inspiring our youngest members. So many lives have forever been changed because of you!


It is because of your time, help, and encouragement that our church community can spread the love of Christ with our children. Your willingness to give your time and energy each week does not go unnoticed, and we cannot thank you enough for the impact you make each week. 


Preschool Update for This Week

I also wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for the incredible hayrides that took place at Oak Grove Preschool & Kindergarten this week!


Davie and Bette Price and their kindness and thoughtfulness have left an incredible mark on each and every one of us. We are so grateful for the time and effort they poured into organizing this event for the children at Oak Grove Preschool & Kindergarten. 

Please join us for

Cross Trainers

Sunday School at 9:45 am


Small Group at 5:30 pm each Sunday!

Here are the announcements for this week.


Cross Trainers Sunday School is at 9:45 - This Sunday, we will continue with splitting the classes; Jr. High will meet in the new classroom, with Chad & Matt teaching. Sr. High will meet in the regular classroom, with Noah leading. 


Sunday Night Small Group at 5:30  - Sunday night dinner will be Lasagna! Bring a friend.


Christmas Play Practice - Practices are continuing each week. Save the date for a December 16th date for the play. 


Youth Activity Nights - The November 19th activity night will include the traditional Thanksgiving meal. We will also be preparing for Advent. We need your help to get the church ready for Jesus' birth! We will not have an activity night in December due to other activities and holidays occurring on two Sundays.


Christmas Caroling - The youth would like to go caroling on the Sunday after the Christmas play. They will visit some OG shut-ins, both at home and those in nursing homes. Then, they will finish the evening by going out to dinner. The Women's ministry and anyone else interested in participating, is invited to join us for Caroling and dinner!


As always, please feel free to contact me or any of your youth leaders, with questions or suggestions for our youth!

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