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Ministry Institute

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February 11 
St. Peter's, Freehold

February 11
Diocesan Acolyte Festival
Trinity Cathedral

February 12
Absalom Jones Service of Witness to Black Ministry

Trinity Cathedral

February 18
Safe Church Training
St. Mark's,
Basking Ridge

February 25  
St. Matthew's, Pennington

March 6 - 8
Convent of St. John the Baptist, Mendham

March 18  
Holy Trinity
Ocean City

March 25
Title IV Training
All Saints',

April 8  
St Mark's

April 11
Annual Clergy Day and Chrism Mass
Trinity Cathedral 

April 28-30
Happening 26
Camp Murray,
Lanoka Harbor

May 6
Bishop's Spring Conference
Trinity Cathedral

May 11
Theo's Cafe Young Adult Dinner

May 21
Senior Baccalaureate Service
Trinity Cathedral

June 5-9
Appreciative Leadership
Crowne Plaza, Plainsboro

June 17
Animal Welfare Ministry Forum
Trinity Cathedral 

July 10-14
Episcopal Youth Event
University of Central Oklahoma 

Dominican Republic

July 23-27
Choir Camp
Cape May 
Pre Convention Hearings

All meetings take place from 7:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m.
January 30 

Trinity Cathedral, Trenton


February 1

St. John's, Somerville


February 6 

St. Peter's, Spotswood


February 8
Holy Trinity Church,

Ocean City


February 13

Christ Church, Woodbury


February 15

Trinity, Asbury Park



Upcoming Congregational Events
January 31
All Saints'
Bay Head
February 12
St. Mary's
Haddon Heights
February 26
Church of the Advent
Cape May
March 25
Godly Play Workshop (Part 1 of 3)
Christ ChurchM
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January 27, 2017
From the Bishop
Dear People of the  Diocese of New Jersey,   

Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy 
Matthew 5:7

The Gospel for the 4 th Sunday after the Epiphany is the opening of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount and includes the "beatitudes."  Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy. According to the  HarperCollins Bible Dictionary (San Francisco: HarperSanFrancisco, 1996), "
mercy," is an attribute of God and the good human being...the Greek word for mercy in the [New Testament] refers to the emotion aroused by contact with undeserved suffering, that is, compassion and a deeply felt love for a fellow human being." 

In today's world, each of us encounters undeserved suffering all the time. We encounter it when a family member or friend is diagnosed with serious illness; when we see the homeless on the street. This past week, we saw it in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and Albany, Georgia which were both struck with destructive tornadoes. Four people died, homes were destroyed, and people are grieving. 

We encounter undeserved suffering when we are confronted with the stories of people who are suffering the ravages and devastation of war, like 12 year-old Mohammed Djougal - who, according to NJTV News lost a leg and an arm and barely survived a bomb attack in his hometown in Syria. According to his father, "It was an exploding barrel on the front door of our building. He was outside in the street and part of the barrel hit him and he lost his leg...We left for Turkey at first, but before that we had to cut off the arm and the leg and some other issues happened in the process where he was in a really dangerous situation and he could have died."

There are literally millions of stories like this that confront us, call for us to respond with compassion, with mercy. Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy. 

As part of a worldwide Church, we Episcopalians have the means to respond in countless ways to the undeserved suffering that calls for our mercy. Episcopal Relief and Development is already responding to the havoc in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and Albany, Georgia resulting from the deadly tornadoes, just as E.R.D. responded in New Jersey when Superstorm Sandy hit.

Episcopal Migration Ministriesis the refugee resettlement program of the Episcopal Church. As they note on their website, they are "a living example of the Church's commitment to aid the stranger in our midst." They report that, in 2015, EMM helped almost 5,000 refugees build new lives in security and peace in 30 communities across the United States. Episcopal Migration Ministries collaborates with local partner agencies in 26 Episcopal dioceses and 22 states to welcome those fleeing persecution.

Episcopal Relief and Development and Episcopal Migration Ministries provide us all with opportunities to provide a meaningful and compassionate response to the undeserved suffering we encounter in our world. I encourage you to support their work by giving generously.

Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.
Blessings and peace, 
The Right Reverend William H. (Chip) Stokes, D.D.
XII Bishop of New Jersey

From the Presiding Bishop

"I ask President Trump to continue the powerful work of our refugee resettlement program without interruption'

On Saturday, the Washington National Cathedral hosted the National Prayer Service for the President, Vice-President, their families, and those who will be taking on the grave responsibility nominated to cabinet posts. Religious leaders from many traditions joined their voices in prayer and song, and while we shared our most sacred scriptures, we prayed for wisdom for all those who serve our nation. I affirm those prayers,and ask that our leaders listen to the powerful call to serve those who are most vulnerable in continuing to welcome refugees from around the world.

As Christians, we are asked to pray: for our leaders, for our loved ones, for our enemies, and for those who are suffering. Our work does not end with prayer: we also offer assistance to those who are fleeing persecution. We find homes for those who have been forced out of their homes. We feed those who are hungry. The refugees who enter the United States do so after experiencing violence and persecution undeserved of any human being, and they come to the U.S. with hopes to build new lives.

Good News stories and more!

Wrestling Fundraiser is no Concession

Holy Trinity, South River has found a new, fun way to raise money for the South River Food Bank.

When a "family friendly" pro wrestling troupe hosts bouts in their parish hall, church volunteers run a concession stand. Now in its second year, the endeavour has raised over $1200 for the food bank The congregation also offers outreach materials to interested attendees.

Read more about this fun way to raise money that benefits both the food bank and spectators!


All are invited to sing two anthems (click here).

Rehearsal is at 1:30 PM
on February 12 at Trinity Cathedral
To sing: RSVP to Canon Deborah Ford
(609-392-3805 ext 102)
with voice part and participants' names.
Please bring Choir Vestments if possible
Please practice music ahead of time

 Open House - Sunday, January 29th at 2 PM

Doane Academy was founded in 1837 in Burlington, NJ by The Rt. Rev. George Washington Doane,
2nd Bishop of the Diocese of New Jersey.

The Admissions Open House gives an occasion to discover the age 3 through 12th grade independent Episcopal day school alongside the Delaware River.

Guests will be given a chance to meet Doane Academy's educators, and students.  Please fill out the Open House RSVP Form and visit their website for more information. 

Cross Roads Day Camp is hiring summer staff_ Click here for more information_

March 3-4, 2017
Hyatt Regency Hotel, Princeton, NJ
with featured speaker 
Becca Stevens of
Thistle Farms

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