April 20, 2020
Good News from Vermont x 3
Good News Item #1
Vermont's Stay Home/Stay Safe Guidelines Are Working 
(but let's continue to be safe and vigilant!)
The State's early and strong measures requiring Vermonters to Stay Home/Stay Safe and the 14-day quarantine requirement for both those coming to Vermont and Vermonters returning home from other places, have been successful in limiting - to some extent - the worst of the scenarios facing us.  
While this is far from over, Vermont is starting to see the results of our adherence to these measures and the numbers of new cases and deaths is slowing. We need to stay the course as there could be a second wave. We need to keep that in mind and maintain our vigilance for social distancing, safe hygiene (masks, hand-washing, etc.) and "stay at home" orders within Vermont and our neighboring states.
Good News Item #2
Restrictions on Real Estate Sales Are Lifted!  
(in part)
On Friday, Vermont Governor Scott lifted some restrictions on workers who have limited exposure to others. Specifically, " Services operating with a single worker (such as appraisers, realtors, municipal clerks, attorneys, property managers, pet care operators, and others) may operate if they can comply with the mandatory health and safety requirements listed above, with no more than 2 persons (service provider and client) present at one time. "
The Governor's order takes effect on Monday 4/20/20 and it is clear in its direction that we continue to do as much work as possible remotely from home, that we limit unnecessary travel, and bricks-and-mortar real estate offices will remain closed to the public.  
The good news is that starting Monday, realtors will be able to resume no-contact and low-contact activities such as showing houses (video or as needed in-person), taking new listings, and working with inspectors and appraisers. We will have to follow strict protocols pertaining to the resumption of all "in person" activities.

If you are interested purchasing a Vermont property, give us a call!  
We can now provide FaceTime and Zoom conferencing and home tours, as well as show you homes in person under the following parameters.  
If we show a home in person, we will be following the guidelines listed below so that we all proceed safely and cautiously:
1)    We ask that you do as much of your search online as possible. We can help! Call us with your questions and don't hesitate to ask is there is more information available (additional photos, maps, disclosures).
2)    We will work with you to use our website, the MLS, mapping software, virtual tours and one-on-one conversations with a realtor who has seen and been inside each house so that we can "see" the houses you are interested in, and eliminate properties that are not a good fit for you.
3)    We will work with you to make sure you are pre-qualified for a mortgage before you begin looking. Our inventory is very tight and being pre-qualified will allow you to act quickly and decisively if you find the right house.
4)    We will work with you to prioritize those houses that are truly a good fit and make an appointment for you to tour your top choice(s) in person.
5)    We will be taking extra precautions for in-person showings, so bear with us:
  • Facemasks required for all.
  • "Principals" only permitted: no kids, no friends. Just the buyer(s) whose name(s) will be on the contract to purchase.
  • Maintaining 6-10 feet of distance and only one person in the house at a time.
6)    Once you find the perfect house to make your own, everything can be done remotely and electronically. We have the technology!

Good News Item #3
Early Indicators Show the Vermont Real Estate Market  
Is Going to Be HOT This Summer

Our inventory is at a historic low. The COVID-19 pandemic coupled with an already tight inventory means this is a good time to list your property for sale.
WE NEED LISTINGS in all price-ranges!  
If you have been on the fence about selling, or are just beginning to think about listing your home for sale, give us a call.
Kathy Snyder cell: (802)384-6674 kathy@mmmrealestate.com
Claudia Harris cell: (802)379-0347 claudia@mmmrealestate.com

Top 5 Reasons Why Vermont's Real Estate Market Should Be Active This Summer:
1)    Homeowners who sheltered in place in small spaces may be interested in finding a home with more living area and/or some usable outdoor space.
2)    Renters are going to realize they want to own their own homes! Why pay someone else's mortgage when they can be building their own equity?
3)    The ups and downs (let's be honest, mostly downs) of the financial markets may make some homeowners reconsider their current living situations - some may downsize, some will upsize, and others will want or need to relocate for work.
4)    The global work-from-home "experiment" was mostly successful and some homeowners may decide that they can work remotely from a location other than where they are now. For those who were not able to work from home, it may become desirable to move closer to work.
5)    Family first. There may be a shift as Americans decide they'd like to be closer to home and family.

Let's get back to the business of buying and selling homes... but let's not let down our guard!  
To conclude, I share this great analogy, which I saw somewhere online:
The curve is flattening so we can start lifting restrictions now. = The parachute has slowed our decent so we can take it off now.
With that in mind, stay safe and healthy. 
-        Claudia Harris and Kathy Snyder

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