January 27th, 2022
Koinonia Good News
Announcement of the Annual Meeting
February 27th 2022 3-6pm

For now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then we will see face to face”
(1 Corinthians 13:12).


Snow lets you see tracks. The tracks let you see what you do not see. Tracks tell you what is going on in the woods, if only “dimly.” At Koinonia you will see tracks in the snow left by deer, turkey, small birds, mice, foxes, racoons, porcupines. All these tracks tell you that the woods are alive! In the bleak mid-winter there is more than what meets the eye!

Koinonia itself is alive! We see the tracks of day hikers, conference pastors on retreat, quilters, crafters, friends gathering for a meal, firewood cutters, volunteers, staff working here and there, and more. We see the tracks you leave with your monetary gifts and gifts of prayer. All these tracks tell you, if only “dimly”, that Koinonia is alive!

Jesus, too, left tracks and these, too, you can follow – water turned to wine, bread to feed thousands, a love that leads to hope, Holy Communion that is a foretaste of the Feast to come, baptism with water and the Holy Spirit that lets you see God, if only in part. 

Come to Koinonia and do some tracking in the snow, in The Word, with Jesus, among others. You will have fun learning what is alive, what makes you alive, why Koinonia is “on track” to see you “face to face” in a place “where God transforms and prepares people in an outdoor environment to love and serve one another” (Koinonia’s mission statement).

Rev. Robert G. Wollenburg
President, Board of Directors
P.S. You can leave your own tracks in the snow – hiking, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, ice skating on the lake, bundled and sitting by a fire. 
Greetings and Blessings to you all,
At Koinonia we are taking care of the buildings and grounds so they can stay in good condition. We are also preparing for a full year of programming, building, and growth. The staff are learning how to collaborate, plan together and make time to have fun! At our weekly staff meeting we are taking turns reading and leading discussion on Jerry Manlove (first executive director of Koinonia) and Mary Kettl’s book, “A Common Book of Camping.” This book is helping us remember our purpose and generating rich discussion. Please see in this newsletter information about the Annual meeting, 2022 rates and programing, and some highlights of January.
The Annual meeting will be held at Emanuel Lutheran Church on Sunday, February 27th from 3pm-6pm. All Delegates must participate on zoom for consistent voting. Pastors, Delegates, and Participants need to register on this Eventbrite link:

On the morning of the 27th, Delegates, Pastors, and Board Members will be sent a zoom link. Participants who are not voting will be sent a youtube link so they may watch. If you have the youtube link and have a question to ask during the annual meeting, you can email the executive director at kkruen@koinoniany.org and she can read the questions as they are received. 
 Volunteer/Community Dinner
Despite the Omnicron variant and cold weather, Koinonia hosted a wonderful group of volunteers and community helpers on Friday, January 21 at 6pm. We had representation from local volunteers, board members, Committee and Team members, the fire department, and the post office. After dinner we gathered for a short presentation, discussion, and celebration of 100+ volunteers, contractors and community helpers who were an essential part of Koinonia’s reopening. Next year we will hold a volunteer weekend so more people can join. Mark your calendar for Saturday, January 21, 2023! Thank you again to all who took their time, energy and labor for the good of Koinonia. We could not be where we are today without you.
2022 Rates
Our 2022 rates are out! The conference center rates have been reduced for this year to encourage more bookings and Member Congregation participation. We still have our 20% discount of 2021 rates available for congregational retreats.
Pastor Retreats
This week we are hosting the Tappan Zee Conference of Pastors, led by Dean Pastor Jim O’Hanlon. 10 pastors are preparing for Lent, worshiping, and praying together. It has been a joy to have them. We hope to plan and host more retreats for pastors, deacons and church councils in the future. As a part of this mission to serve the clergy, Koinonia would like to invite all rostered Pastors to stay in the conference center for 1-2 nights to rest and have a self-directed retreat.
2022 Programming and Winterfest
The Worship/Program Team has put together a calendar of events (here) for 2022, which includes familiar favorites and new events. We hope that you will join us this year! The first of these events is Winterfest, which is for families and for those who do not mind being around joyful children. Koinonia will provide programming indoors and out, worship and prayer, and delicious food. We have a special rate for families of four or more, and scholarships are available. Please share with families.
Bonzli's Beat
I am getting bigger! I like to jump in the snow but I can’t find many sticks to carry around. The Tappen Zee Conference Pastors are good at petting me! I’m going to Obedience school so when I meet you I can sit and give you my paw to shake.  I love Koinonia! Visit me soon!
A Final Word of Gratitude
Thank you to all of those who contributed to Koinonia in 2021 and who gave an extra gift during the Christmas season. Know that each time that we ask for contributions, it is an invitation for you to participate in the rebirth and growth of Koinonia. In turn, when we receive your gifts, large and small, it lets us know that you encourage and support our work, and it gives us extra energy and inspiration to do our best. God Bless You! Stay Well and Safe.

Kathleen Kristin Ruen
Executive Director