February 28, 2023 -Good Newsletter

Greetings and Blessings to you all,

Snow, which we had been waiting for all January and February, is now coating the camp as we prepare for a large congregation retreat from Holy Trinity Dingmans Ferry led by their Pastor Niels Nielsen this weekend. Everything comes in God's time.

As we were very focused on putting together the Annual Report this month, and preparing for the Annual Meeting last Sunday, this newsletter will be a little shorter, but no less important.

Read on for our February news and updates!
Board President Report

I encourage you to take some time reading the Annual Report, which we sent out in Mid-February. You will see our progress on our three strategic goals, the budget report for 2022 and the new budget for 2023, recognitions of time and treasure, and much more.

The Annual meeting, held on Sunday February 26th from 3-5:30pm, was well attended by delegates and pastors. We approved all reports and elected our board slate for 2023. Next month I will talk more of board goals for 2023, and how you can get involved.

Many thanks to the Pastors and Presenters that Participated:

*The Rev. Dr. Dien Ashley Taylor, Bishop of the Atlantic District of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, Pastor of Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church, The Bronx, NY
*Executive Director of Lutheran Outdoor Ministries, Don Johnson
*Capital Campaign Congregational Chair Rev. Dr. Richard Hill
*Treasurer Mark Wilson
*Vice President Gerard Falco
*60th Anniversary Taskforce Chair Susan Vorstadt
*Board Member Kelly Kandler
*Pastor David Parsons, St. John Matthew Emanuel Lutheran Church
Fundraising/ Finance Update

As of February 2, we received
$5,318.23 in donations (not including Capital Campaign funds)! Thank you!

Our Capital Campaign Gifts and pledges are $1,080,049.40, total gifts (2020-present) are $598,568.33, and donations received this year as of February 2 are $5,546.67. There is over $120,000 in our Capital Campaign checking account.
Property Updates

The lake is back to typical level, and the ice has melted. Bridge parts have been ordered for the Sunago floating bridge, and the contractor for the Waterfront and Campground roads and stairs will be contacted soon to discuss timetable and secure references.

There is room on the 2023 Property Team for you! We meet the second Tuesday every month from 7-8pm on zoom. If you would like to join us, email the executive director.

An application for the full-time maintenance hire will be on the website within the next week.
Facebook post reach was up +28.1% vs August 11-November 8 2022 and post engagements hover between 350 and 1,500. The last newsletter had a 52% open rate, up from 51% in December. There is room on the Outreach/Marketing Team for you! We meet very second Wednesday from 6-7pm. If you are interested, please email the executive director.

Kathleen visited the congregation of Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Bronx on Sunday, February 12th, and was warmly welcomed by many who had been to Koinonia before, and many who would like to visit for the first time. She also attended the LOM 2024 Conference planning team meeting February 21-23 in Baltimore, MD with fellow Eastern Territory Leaders in outdoor ministry.

Kathleen has an almost fully booked calendar of congregational visits in March! If you would like her to visit, please email her. kkruen@koinoniany.org
Worship and Programming

There is so much going on and going to happen this year! Please take a look at our website to learn more about everything-Jackie Lund has been doing a great job updating the calendar.

The aftercare program is going very well, and we expect we will get a few more kids as the weather warms up.

If you have kids between 4-15, and live in a city or suburb, you might really enjoy coming up for a week this summer, staying in a retreat building, the conference center, or even camping, and sending your kids to Nature Camp or Young Leaders. If you are staying on-site we will be able to give you a camp discount!

For more programming information please look at our Program Newsletter here.

And there is room for you on the Worship/Program Team! We meet every second Monday of the month from 5-6pm. If you would like to join us please email the executive director.
Waterfront 60
The Waterfront 60 volunteers, with guidance from Matt Baumhardt, continue to move forward. Last week Matt, his brother Jared and father Gary (with assistance from Jean and Sue) cut a trail from the dam bridge all the way to a lookout point, which will be great for watching birds and sunsets.

Plans are afoot for more work on the waterfront at the end of March.

Work on the roads and stairs will commence as soon as the contract is signed. One step at a time!
60th Anniversary Programming
Thank You
Our Mission is reaching more people, and our vision to become "a flourishing outdoor community that cultivates transformation and ripples peace and reconciliation to the world" is leading us to the future. Thank you for reading this newsletter, for your prayers, your volunteering, your booking of buildings and rooms, and for your financial support. Together, we can build a ministry that will last for the next 60 years and beyond.

God Bless,

Katie Cunningham    
Board President 

Kathleen Ruen
Executive Director