Facebook post reach was up +16% from the previous 90 days, we added 7 more followers in the past month, and post engagements hover between 350 and 1,500. The last newsletter had a 49% open rate, down from the January 51% open rate.

The Outreach/Marketing team reconvened this month, adding a new team member. The Goal 2 Social Media Taskforce met, creating posts with the new goals in mind. Some work has been done on the website search engines with a volunteer SRO consultant helping to increase visibility on Google. Lora and Kathleen are working with GSB on a design for a common ground brochure and a Diamond Club ($1,000 or more a year) brochure.

Kathleen has visited four churches this month, including a zoom council meeting. Lora sent out letters to all of the MetroNY Synod Conferences to suggest that they share the campaign film during their March meeting. Kathleen and Lora are planning on attending the MetroNY Synod Assembly the first weekend in May. Koinonia is co-hosting a coffee hour, which means can have a table, advertising time, and plenary time.  It's a great opportunity for Koinonia.

On the local level, Becky Morabito and a representative from the Sullivan County Childcare council were at the Highland Town Hall on Saturday March 25th to share information about the Nature Camp and Aftercare program. Koinonia was also listed in the monthly email of the Barryville Chamber of Commerce and has an ad about the 5K in a special issue of the Sullivan County Democrat.