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Thu, Dec 28, 6:00 pm: West Stockbridge Chamber Players Winter Concert

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West Stockbridge Chamber Players
in the Congregational Church

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Thursday, December 28 at 6 PM 

Clockwise from top: Sayuri Miyamoto, piano;
Catherine Hudgins, clarinet; Margaret Felice, soprano;
William Rounds, cello.

A capacity crowd filled the Old Town Hall for
The West Stockbridge Chamber Players
Harvest Concert
C. C. Cave and Peter Rothstein, generous underwriters of the concert (Photo: Carol Kuller)
The sun broke through just a few moments before  The West Stockbridge Chamber Players took to the stage on Sunday afternoon, October 15, adding to an already festive atmosphere in the hall's crowded second-floor auditorium. As Robert Salerno, president of the West Stockbridge Historical Society, pointed out in his opening remarks, this was the 17th benefit concert for the Campaign to Restore the Old Town Hall by the Chamber Players, the inspired creation of artistic director clarinetist Catherine Hudgins. Joining Hudgins for this performance were Boston Symphony Orchestra members cellist Oliver Aldort, violist Leah Ferguson, and violinist Sheila Fiekowsky, as well as Boston Ballet Orchestra member violinist Lisa Crockett. 

Performing Busoni's Suite for Clarinet and String Quartet (Photo: Carol Kuller)

Sheila Fiekowsky introduced the first piece, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Duo for Violin and Viola in G major, mentioning that Mozart was a wonderful violist and that he featured the instrument in his Duo, rather than relegating it to its usual position as second fiddle to the violin.  Catherine Hudgins then reminisced about performing a rarely heard piano concerto with the BSO by the next composer, Ferruccio Busoni, that called for a full orchestra, a six-part men's chorus, and hours on stage. In contrast, the piece Hudgins selected for this concert, Busoni's Suite for Clarinet and String Quartet in G minor, performed beautifully by the five musicians, was lush and melodic and over all too soon.

Oliver Aldort explains his piece, and then delights us
with his playing (Photo: Carol Kuller)
After the intermission, Oliver Aldort remarked that the final offering, Ludwig van Beethoven's Serenade in D major, a relatively early work by the composer, is often characterized as light entertainment, but that parts of it -- especially the Adagio -- possess an intensity and drama that foreshadow Beethoven's mature mastery. The spirited performance bore out Aldort's introduction and provided a rousing finale to a delightful afternoon of music.

After the concert, musicians and audience members gathered downstairs for a reception, lingering to talk, enjoy light refreshments, and relish the unexpected warmth of a late Indian Summer afternoon.

Recap of West Stockbridge Historical Society Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the West Stockbridge Historical Society was held on November 3rd. Members unanimously elected the following slate of officers:

President:        Bob Salerno 
Treasurer:        Carter White 
Secretary:        Liza Bennett

Board Members:

To serve from 2017 - 2019 
Jerri Buehler 
Susan Fisher 
Zina Greene

To serve from 2017 - 2020 
Andy Krouss 
Carol Kuller 
Bill Loeb

To serve from 2018 - 2021 
John Masiero 
Jill Pixley 
Sybil Pollet

Following the vote, a program on the 89-year history of the Community Health Association of Richmond and West Stockbridge (CHA) was presented by Gloria Morse of the Richmond Historical Commission and a Board Member of the CHA.  

Vintage slides were shown depicting the CHA from the 1940s through the 1990s. Gloria spoke about the great need there was for a community nursing service when the agency was formed in 1928.  Dr. Laurence Cohen, president of CHA, then talked about the services currently available to residents of our two communities.

A reception followed the program where pictures and artifacts from the CHA over the years were on display.
Jeremy Kittel Trio Recap

Jeremy Kittel Trio (Photo: Joe Roy, Jr.)

Friday night, November 10, 2017, may have been the coldest night of the season, but that didn't deter a well-bundled up crowd from entering the warmth of the Old Town Hall to listen to The Jeremy Kittel Trio, featuring Jeremy Kittel on fiddle, Josh Pinkham on mandolin, and Quinn Bachand on guitar. Robert Salerno, president of the West Stockbridge Historical Society, introduced the group that was brought back by popular demand.

Kittel, an award-winning fiddler, violinist, and composer; Josh, a mandolin prodigy; and Quinn a "wunderkind" guitarist filled Vaber Hall with explosive sounds and rhythms.  Jeremy is fluent in many musical genres, which was evident in the diversity of Celtic, classical, jazz, and bluegrass music that was performed.  At 23 he was the U.S. National Fiddle Champion and from 2008 to 2012 he was a member of the Grammy-winning Turtle Island Quartet. He has performed around the world at numerous venues including Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center, and the Celtic Connections Festival in Scotland.  
L-R: Josh Pinkham on mandolin, Jeremy Kittel on fiddle, and Quinn Bachand on guitar (Photo: Joe Roy, Jr.)

With fingers flying and a mash-up of styles, the music was both exciting and harmonious.  Among the many selections was an Irish jig, a romantic rendition of "Smile Though Your Heart Is Aching," "El Pino" (based on Jeremy's childhood vacations in Michigan), the prelude from Bach's Violin Partita No. 3, "Chrysalis," and "At Home in the World" (a moving tribute to the late journalist and violinist, Daniel Pearl).

At the reception after the performance, people commented about the group's unbridled enthusiasm for music.  Josh Pinkham summed it up with this insightful remark: "We truly enjoy each other and are inspired by one another."  This inspiration and camaraderie created a flawless performance.

The Society will do its best to have the Trio return to the Old Town Hall again!

West Stockbridge Celebrates Halloween
Some pretty scary characters (Photo: Dan Buehler) 

On Halloween evening the West Stockbridge Historical Society once again shared in the community-wide celebration.  Volunteers, costumed for the occasion, distributed special treats to the town's youngsters.  The annual event was enjoyed by all who participated:  children and their families and friends, along with the volunteers from the Historical Society. Pictured here in costume (left to right) are Jill Pixley, Helen Nolan, and Jerri Buehler. 
Local children picking out their treats (Photo: Jerri Buehler)

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