Good Samaritan Class
class will meet in Lemma Howerton S202
December 9, 2018
This Sunday:
Nativity Play
Wood Fellowship Hall
All classes will join in WFH to hear the story of the birth of Jesus as told through song, word and staging.
Understanding Charlotte's Incarcerated Population
Nov. 11 - Dec. 16
Lemma Howerton Rooms (S202)
Led by staff at the Center for Community Transition, this series will provide a foundational understanding for an important ministry that we are launching next year.    

  • Nov. 11 - How did we get here? - Myra Clark, Exec. Dir.
  • Nov. 18 - Being incarcerated - Delilah Montalvo
  • Nov. 25 - What happens to the family? - Charis Blackmon
  • Dec. 2 - Returning home - Erik Ortega


  • Dec. 16 - What do we do, now that we know more? - Myra Clark

  • Dec. 23: Welcoming Love at Christmas (WFH) - All ages will gather to welcome God who is Love made flesh. Through activity stations, we will celebrate not just the first coming of Jesus, but also the coming of Christ into our lives again and again. 

"In 2010 it was estimated that there were 2.7 million minor children with an incarcerated parent  (1) in the United States and that at least 10 million children have experienced parental incarceration in their life-times. (2)

Imagine that a member of your family was incarcerated. What would be the emotional toll on your family? “Because higher rates of incarceration tend to occur among residents of neighborhoods already ravaged by poverty and heightened police presence, the effect on children’s education and income as they grow into adulthood creates a cycle of lagging opportunities and resources for entire communities.” (3)  

As a church deeply concerned about the welfare of children, helping to restore family stability is a high priority.

(2) -