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3 Menachem Av, 5780 | July 24, 2020 | Torah Portion: Devarim | Erev Shabbat Chazon | Pirkei Avot: Ch. 2 | Issue #600!
Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev teaches that on this Shabbos, Shabbos Chazon, we are shown a vision of the 3rd Temple. This vision is meant to inspire us to do all that we can to have the actual 3rd Temple in Jerusalem.

Let us hope and pray that we have the actual 3rd Temple immediately and then the 9th of Av will be a tremendous holiday.

Wishing you a good, redemptive month of Menachem Av and a Good Shabbos - Shabbat Shalom - next week in Jerusalem!
Rabbi Yakov D. Kirschenbaum  
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Friday, July 24
Light Candles: 8:01 pm

Shabbat, July 25
Shabbat Ends: 9:05 pm

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Services are held at the Chabad House - 50 Overlook Terrace, side entrance

Shabbat P. Devarim
Shabbat Chazon
shul - kleiman
Minchah, Kaballat Shabbat: 8:00 pm

Say Shema before: 9:21 am 
Shacharis: 10:15 am

Services followed by a kiddush, part-sponsored by Benjy Izsak
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Minchah: 7:00 pm
Talmudic-Tales Class: 7:45 pm
Maariv/Shabbat Ends: 9:05 pm

Followed by Havdalah and a viewing of the  Living Torah  weekly video program
In Your Own Voice
By Rabbi Menachem Feldman, emissary of the Rebbe to Greenwich, CT; based on a talk of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Likkutei Sichot, vol. 19, Devarim, sicha 2.. Art by  Rivka Korf Studio
The fifth book of the Five Books of Moses, Devarim, which means “Words,” is named for the opening statement in the book:
These are the words that Moses spoke to all Israel on that side of the Jordan.

The Torah continues:
It came to pass in the fortieth year, in the eleventh month, on the first of the month, that Moses spoke to the children of Israel according to all that the L‑rd had commanded him regarding them.
The Twelfth Pole
Adapted by Yerachmiel Tilles from "Chassidic Gems," by Tuvia Litzman Taken from  Ascentofsafed.com .
Five hundred years ago there lived a king in Persia who was a descendant of King Achashverosh. He took interest in the history of his family and found out that the Jewish people had in its possession an ancient handwritten parchment called "The Scroll of Esther," which describes in detail the origin of his ancestor's royal dynasty. CONTINUE
By Rabbi Dov Bialo. From Collive.com
Chocolate peanut butter pie: Sounds dreamy, no?

My kitchen is, as aways, where all delicious nutritious things happen. I was trying to make an off-the-cuff chocolate dessert on a crazy hot day, using what I had on hand without having to turn my oven on. Let’s see…. Chocolate, cocoa powder, silken tofu, peanut butter, graham crackers. So, I got to work, mixed and prayed. I fretted all day, and sampled smidgens of the mixture a dozen times to see if it was setting. I needn’t have worried: the chocolate peanut butter pie was just fabulous. It was all I could do to save a piece from the onslaught for my children to taste the following day. CONTINUE for recipe
"If at first you don't succeed, try try try to redefine success."
-Bernie Rappaport
"Everyone must regard himself and the world as evenly poised between good and guilt...If he performed a good deed, he has shifted the balance of his fate, and that of the entire world to good, and has brought deliverance and salvation upon himself and upon them all."
-Maimonides, Laws of Teshuvah Ch. 3, Law 4
"The time of our redemption has arrived."
The Lubavitcher Rebbe, 1990-1 See Yalkut Shimoni Yeshayahu, remez 499