July 24 2020 l 10 Av 5780


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Dear Congregants,

This is an auspicious week. We have just come through the first days of the month of Av in which we, on the 9th day, remembered the destruction of the Holy Temple. Our Muslim brothers and sisters just celebrated Eid al-Adha, when they remembered the sacrifice of Isaac. This Shabbat is known as Shabbat Nachamu on which the haftarah begins:  Nachamu, nachamu ammi … “Comfort, comfort, my people….” 

On this Shabbat, let us come together to find comfort in community and words of Torah as we continue our journey together towards the beginning of a New Year—a year of healing and re-building, and renewal.

Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Micha'el
By: Rabbi Miriam Green Potok

Our parashah this week, Va’etchanan , gives us a beautiful description of the process of t’shuvah. As Moses exhorts the Israelites to follow God’s instruction, he acknowledges that they might not choose to do so, that they might stray from the right path. And if (and when) they do, they will end up in darkness, having moved away from God’s light. 

Perhaps many - perhaps all - of us reading this understand from our own experience what this feels like. In our parashah, Moses explains to the Israelites that if they find themselves in this dark place, there is something they can do.

“If you search there for the Lord your God, you will find God, if only you seek God with all your heart and soul - when you are in distress because all these things have befallen you, and in the end, return to the Lord your God and obey God. For the Lord your God is a compassionate God: God will not fail you nor will God let you perish” (Deuteronomy 4:29-31).

Perhaps this process describes an important turn-around in your own life, in your own recovery. You found yourself in distress because of what had befallen you - perhaps it was the consequence of your own choices; perhaps your distress came from events beyond your control. Either way, in the end, you sought God with all your heart and soul. This is the process of hitting rock bottom: it is the moment in life and recovery when we turn things around, the moment when we stop digging ...click here to read more.
Max H. for 3 years of sobriety.
Brandon F. for 7 years of sobriety.
John B. for 19 years of sobriety.
Barbara F. for 20 years of sobriety.

We are still celebrating birthdays each week on Zoom!
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Harriet and Anonymous are sponsoring Shabbat in honor of all the Birthdays especially Barbara for her friendship and dedication to Beit T'Shuvah and Max for his devotion to Glenn, our Music Department and the values of BTS.

Congratulations on 3 years Max!  I am so proud of you and your achievements! I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for you. I love you so much. Love, Mom

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...To Annette & Leonard Shapiro and their family on the passing of Annette’s brother, Arnold Familian.

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Debra Shaffer Seeman in honor of Rabbi Kerry Chaplin
Shelly Rumpf in honor of The Bogos Family
Helane & Warner Isaacs in memory of Kent Sherman
Mitchell Shapiro in memory of Kent Sherman
Jillian & Arthur Spivak in memory of Lee Hessel
Eddie Katz-Silverstein in memory of Marc Lesnick
Deborah & Barry Wiss in memory of Michael Madden
Karen Matulis in memory of Richard Hernandez
Tova & Josh Eliashberg in memory of Sam Spitz
Nathan Bloom in memory of Sam Spitz
Marsha Yankelev in memory of Sam Spitz
Myra Baylin in memory of Sam Spitz
Molly and Sura Weiss in memory of Sam Spitz
Susan Sandler in memory of Sam Spitz

If you are interested in sending a beautiful tribute, please contact Development . You can also send a tribute online by Clicking Here . Beit T'Shuvah will promptly send a card to the family or friend you are recognizing. 
Geoff T.

By Jesse Solomon

From primitive tribes to high school cliques, finding a group to call your own has always been imperative to human survival. Although many of us like to describe ourselves as loners or independent, there is a reason why solitary confinement is punishment. We need our groups, our communities, our families.
So, what would happen if from the minute you were born you felt like you didn’t belong to your family? This is the story of Geoff T.
Despite being adopted by a loving couple, Geoff has spent most of his life wondering where he belongs. He knew he was a part of his family, but felt like something was missing. So, at a young age, he sought the brotherhood and sense of belonging that organized sports could offer. Being an integral part of a group of athletic boys made him feel good for a while, but ...click here to continue reading.
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Adult Ed: Building a Spiritual Program
Join Rabbis Miriam Green Potok and Matt Shapiro for an interactive exploration of how to create, build, and sustain a program of spiritual connection in preparation for the High Holiday season. We’re going to need all the tools we can find as we head into this next year - join us in exploring the resources of our tradition as we do this work together in rich, meaningful, and deep ways!

Starts THIS Tuesday, August 4th
6 Tuesdays, 8/4-9/8, 7:30pm

Please e-mail Jillian Coventry for zoom link - it will not be posted!
Beit T’Shuvah Custom Masks are Here!
Stay safe while supporting Beit T’Shuvah with masks custom made by Creative Matters. Perfect gifts for alumni, staff, residents, people in recovery or community members!

$10 per mask

One Day At A Time
In This Together

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Pandemic Parenting
BTS Zoom Family Support Group! Whether your loved one is still in treatment or they have already moved on to the next chapter of their journey, we would like to provide a platform in which families get to talk about their shared experiences and wisdom.

This group is for families of our current and former residents, no need to RSVP, just drop in!

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Friday Night Services
Friday night services held via zoom at 6:30pm PT.

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Saturday Morning Services
Saturday morning Prayer and Meditation at 10:30am PT.

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Spiritual Class
Come learn on Saturday mornings at 9:30am PT with Rabbi Micha'el Akiba.

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Challah Is Back!
Baked T'Shuvah's founder Jackie Elkins is licensed by the state and you can now order the Baked T'Shuvah challah you know and love!

Pick up at BTS. Must prepay.

Available flavors: Plain, Chocolate Chip, Salted Caramel or Raisin. Contact Amy Abrams to place your order - orders need to be placed no later than Wednesday!
Sober Birthdays
We are still celebrating birthdays each week on our Shabbat Zoom.

To sign up to take a cake, please contact Jillian.

If you missed celebrating your birthday this year and would still like to take a cake via Zoom, contact Jillian.
Daily Spiritual Dose
Daily Spiritual Dose. Check @BeitTShuvah instastories and facebook page daily.
Daily at 9am PT. Join the Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/539925563317229
Life In Uncertain Times
Life in Uncertain Times: Coping Strategies Before, During, and After Corona. With Rabbi Joseph. Mondays from 12-1pm PT/3-4pm ET.

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#NotMyCorona. Recovery-Minded Spiritual Learning with Beit T’Shuvah and the T’Shuvah Center. Wednesdays. 1pm PT/4pm ET.

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To Life
BTS community AA meeting: Thursdays at 7pm.

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100 Blessings
Beit T’Shuvah and the Elaine Breslow Institute invite you participate in this spiritual challenge!

Virtual Kaddish Calls
Thursdays. 9-9:30am PT/12-12:30pm ET.

A powerful kaddish experience led by the Lab/Shul community. They have invited our Beit T’Shuvah community to join them.


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