Good Shepherd Carbon Neutral Initiative

Mission Green Project Update

On Friday, February 3, Phase I (the electrical upgrade, rooftop solar, and heat pump HVAC system conversion) was completed.

We thank our contractors for their fine work: Vick’s Heating and Plumbing, Decorah Electric, Reed Fitton, Torg Berg, and Legacy Concrete. We are very happy with the professional work done and the respect given to the facility during construction. They were accommodating and flexible. 

We also thank the Good Shepherd Facilities and Grounds Committee members, Bob Wilson and Lance Wood. We appreciate the good words, support, and flexibility of the congregation during this process. 

Now we wait until warmer weather for the final phase. The type of spring we experience will affect the schedule. We hope to complete the entire Good Shepherd Carbon Neutral Project by mid-summer.

Jim and Liz Fritz

Mission Green LLC

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