It may still be March, but perhaps you have already thought about the end of spring semester 2018. What do you usually do with the end of course evaluations from students? I have heard some faculty say they dig right in to the evaluations and start making changes to their syllabus as soon as possible while information from the class is still fresh in their minds. I have also heard of faculty putting the evaluations in a drawer and waiting a few weeks to look at the evaluations when they feel they have more emotional and mental space to objectively review the student comments. 

In fall semester 2017, representatives from Student Government reached out to CELT and inquired what does ISU do with the end of course evaluations? As you likely know, the administration of the end of course information is handled at the departmental level with no university-wide evaluations compiled or analyzed. However, we thought it would be helpful to organize a panel consisting of a (now former) department chair, an associate dean, and a professor to see how end of course student evaluation information is used individually, by a department, and at the college level. 

Register to attend this program: Good Teaching Counts: What ISU does with student evaluations, April 5 (12:10-1:00 p.m., 2030 Morrill Hall) via the  Learn@ISU  website or view on your own via this ISU Zoom meeting registration webpage.

Also, learn more about the Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) administration, strategies for better course evaluations, and analyzing student feedback on the CELT's Assessment and Evaluation  website.

Hope to see you there,

Sara Marcketti, Interim Director
Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching