May 2019 Newsletter 
Abe S. 
Good company, Bad company
"It wasn't long before I knew I was in trouble."

Hi, My name is Abraham Stegall, and I have a long history of substance abuse and addiction. When I was young my parents were missionaries. I spent several years growing up in the field on the island of Cyprus. These were hard years for me. We were almost completely immersed in the culture. At school I would soon
discover that I was a target, and in order to protect myself I fell in with a rough crowd. I began to smoke and drink at a very young age and brought these habits home with me when we returned to the States in 1995.

     This was the beginning of a cycle that would last from the time I was twelve years old until I came to His Mansion on September 17, 2017.


Servant Leaders
Are you or someone you know a young adult (18-35) who desires to  SERVE THE BROKEN  and wounded while being  CHALLENGED TO GROW ?

During the one-year commitment, you will receive mentoring and equipping in how to be a faithful, Christ-centered leader. 
This hands on experiential learning is critical because it allows you to use and develop relational skills that will prepare you for work, ministry, marriage, and life.