Good health depends on having homes that are safe and free from physical hazards. In contrast, poor quality and inadequate housing contributes to health problems, and can exacerbate chronic diseases.

COVID-19 has placed a lot of people living with HIV out of work and unable to pay rent. Our Housing Support Services team has been working tirelessly, answering phone calls and emails, to make sure that people are able to keep a roof over their head and stay in care.

The funds you raise for AIDS Walk Los Angeles and the noise you make online helps us continue to get people in our community somewhere they can call home.
What to do this week
Download our fundraising posters to show your network that you’re fighting to the finish at AWLA20! The finish line may be next week, but APLA Health’s work for underserved communities in LA County continues all year long. The funds you raise during the home stretch are critical in creating better health outcomes for people with HIV or at risk of HIV.

Get social, too! Share your story with #AWLA2020

Download your posters and graphics here!
End the week strong - donate!
There’s nothing like making a contribution to yourself or a team member to end the HIV epidemic in LA County to round out your week in style. Take $5 and 5 minutes out of your Friday and support vital APLA Health services.

Click here to donate today:
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