Cedar Falls Robotics Team 525, the Swartdogs, has qualified for the FIRST World Championships in Detroit, April 24-27. The team won the Chairman's Award, the highest award given at each regional event, at the Iowa Regional. The team also won the Northern Lights Regional in Duluth, MN and was a Finalist at the Iowa Regional. Additionally, the team won the Autonomous Award at the Northern Lights Regional and mentor Carmen McIntyre was recognized as an outstanding mentor with the Woodie Flowers Finalist Award. The Swartdogs are one of only two teams in the world to have 6 mentors who have received the Woodie Flowers Finalist Award.

The Swartdogs will be competing in Detroit with about 40 regional winning teams for the Championship Chairman's Award and their robot will be competing with 400 other robots in the 2019 Deep Space game. The team is currently working to raise funds to cover the travel expenses and registration fees (totaling $16,000) for the trip to Detroit. You can support the team in the following ways:
Cedar Falls Community
Invited to
Tour High School

Event will include presentation and discussion of CFHS facilities needs.

If you have questions on the high school facilities, please visit this website for more information.
CFHS Named Project Lead The Way Distinguished School; one of just 426 PLTW schools across the country to receive recognition this year!
Congratulations to all the students who participated in the Iowa High School Music Association Solo & Ensemble Festival!

Ratings received by Cedar Falls events:
136 Total CF Music Department Entries
103 Division I “Superior” Ratings
 31 Division II “Excellent” Ratings
  2 Division III “Good” Ratings
  0 Division IV “Fair” Ratings
  0 Division V “Poor” Ratings

Each festival adjudicator may choose one event from their center to receive the Outstanding Performance Award. Four of the seven center judges awarded the award
to Cedar Falls events!
Center #3: Julia Grey, vocal solo
Center #4: William Sims, alto saxophone solo
Center #5: Emma Cryer, trumpet solo
Center #7: Astoria Chao, violin solo
Congratulations to all the students involved for their hard work and fine performances!
Congrats to CFHS Rocket Club for winning the
Judge's Choice Award and Best Rocket Fair Display Award
at NASA Student Launch!
Double your gifts to the CF Schools Foundation!

During the month of April, UICCU members (new or existing) will again have the opportunity to make a donation (minimum $25 up to $500 per household) to the Cedar Falls Schools Foundation through UICCU’s Give&Grow Schools Initiative. Member gifts will be deducted from respective checking or savings accounts and UICCU will match that amount.

Not a UICCU member? New accounts can be opened with as little as $5 with no minimum balance requirement. As a UICCU member, you can make a deposit in your account for the amount you would like to give, then go to the  Give&Grow website  April 1-30, 2019. You will be directed to select Black Hawk County, then Cedar Falls Community Schools Foundation and enter your gift amount. UICCU will send your gift, and their matching gift, to our Foundation in May.

Thank you for supporting our students thru  the Cedar Falls Schools Foundation !
Did you know? A three part series focusing on the rapid change with today’s youth and digital devices, specifically smartphones. Our goal is to help train our students and equip our parents to manage this area in healthy ways as we shift with today’s culture.

The Emotional Effects of Digital Devices and our Kids, Part 2
In recent years, studies have shown that children and teenagers today are experiencing a variety of symptoms that are very likely related to the increased use of smartphones and prolonged interaction with digital devices.

Navigating our tech filled culture is fast becoming a life skill that our kids need intentional training through. As educators, we hope to bring awareness to this area and work from within our schools to partner with parents to raise emotionally healthy young men and women.

Anxiety, depression, device addiction, poor attention spans, mood swings, irritable behavior, lack of and trouble sleeping. Plus one of the most sobering, an alarming rise in suicide and physical harming of self. These are some of the most common and severe effects being recognized in our youth today. Many of these characteristics stem from the impact social media can have alone with some of our kids. Loneliness, cyber bullying, low self-esteem, obesity, and inability to navigate emotions are becoming more common for the kids in our schools and homes. The ever popular tablets, ipods, and gaming systems are also leaving our younger children with some unhealthy emotional responses when given too much screen time. While technology is connecting us in means we’ve never had before, it is also disconnecting us in profound ways. We believe that together we can educate and train up our youth to reclaim the balance between technology and our over all health.

Some intentional steps to creating a healthy digital device and smartphone environment are listed below. We encourage you to try one or more of these practices to help the youth in our community navigate their digital device, especially smartphone, habits.
  • Offer age appropriate digital device usage. A variety of resources recommend waiting til at least eighth grade to distribute smartphones, for example, banding parents together to empower their kids.
  • Limit device usage. Provide clear guidelines for when devices can and can not be used. 77% of youth are over-using their devices resulting in addiction, amongst other things.
  • Monitor device usage. Many companies offer a protection app to help adults monitor their child’s safety over the internet and social media platforms.
  • Exercise healthy device usage. Practice healthy device usage as adults, our kids are always watching and learning. Create a family media use plan.
  • Seek help as device users. There is a variety of resources available to help parents navigate the digital world with our kids. Our school counseling programs are also always available for support, feel free to reach out anytime.

We understand the technology filled culture our youth are growing up in will require a consistent effort to navigate this place well. We encourage you to join us in our mission to train up emotionally and physically healthy people of tomorrow.

Contributor, Jess Hansen, is a former educator and currently a Cedar Falls district parent. An active community member alongside her husband and their five children, she is passionate about advocating for a positive learning and growing experience for all students, believing that often starts at home first. 
Thank you to all the parents who attended Kindergarten Roundup this March. We have a great class of kindergartners coming in the 2019-2020 school year. If you have any further immunization questions or health concerns, feel free to call either your building secretary or school nurse.

The Growth and Development Programs for both boys and girls were well attended this year. Thank you for your participation. They will be held again in February of 2020.

Spring is in the air, and with that comes time to schedule sports physicals and immunizations. Sports physicals have to be turned in before you can start practicing—so look ahead to start dates for your particular sport. Students moving up to 7 th grade are required to receive both a TDaP and a Meningitis vaccine. Students starting 12 th grade are required to have a second Meningitis vaccine. Once again, give your school nurse a call if you have questions. Have a healthy Spring!
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2019-2020 School Calendar Approved
Board of Education Meeting April 8, 2019

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