Newsletter for June 2021
Regular readers of the newsletter will remember Kafiya. She was born with a hernia, something that in children often takes care of itself. Sometimes though, as in her case, it doesn't. She was brought to our attention, and thanks to donor support, we were able to get her into surgery to make the correction. It was conducted at Milton Cato by an old friend, a physician we know through our relationship with the World Pediatric Project, Dr. Jasmine Ellis. Kafiya underwent the procedure in May, and had her last follow up last week. Without the procedure, she would have continued to have discomfort and other problems that would get in the way of being a kid. She's healed well, is getting more active as the last of her stiffness resolves, and her smile is bigger than ever.
SVGTA CEO Glen Beache delivers a bleak outlook re vaccination, economy
Speaking to SVG TV News last Thursday, Chief Executive Officer of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Tourism Authority (SVGTA) Glen Beache warned of a bleak outlook for the future of the tourism industry.
Referring to the fact that SVG is currently not on the UK's Green List, increasing infections and low vaccination rates, Beache said that if things don't improve, there would be a "very slow return of the tourism dollar to SVG ... [and] we will be left behind."
He noted that current vaccination rates call into question Virgin's Atlantic's planned inaugural flight to SVG in October. Beache continued that overseas tour operators had made it clear that taxi drivers would not be able to carry guests without being vaccinated, and that they would not be recommending hotels with unvaccinated staff.
He also raised the prospect of "tourism-approved" operations, including taxi drivers and airport staff, having to be fully vaccinated in order to maintain that status, saying that this matter would be raised with Cabinet.
Acknowledging his bluntness, Beache said "either we get our act together ...or we suffer the consequences in terms of revenue coming into SVG. This industry depends on it. Our livelihood depends on it."
For SVG TV video clips from this interview, see here.
This report thanks to Bequia This Week. Used with permission.
Food vouchers delivered to single mothers, school aged children

by Solana Gooding

The second round of the food vouchers program was swiftly and successfully delivered, This round we identified more single mothers and a few single fathers in the communities in need of help. We also assisted several of the parents of the children that were on GI school feeding program, as concern has arisen as to how these children were possibly receiving lunches now that there were out of school and the feeding program on hold. 
One thing I noted this time is that people were very, very appreciative of the help and assistance, and those that never received a voucher before were especially grateful and went straight away to the vendors to shop and collect their goods. We used four vendors this rounds, Knights, Uncle Duff, W&W mini mart and Sugar Hill Mini Mart. 
The previous round of vouchers I collected from the vendors to understand better what people were shopping for, as the contents on the list can give a clearer view of specific need. This in the future can give GI an understanding of what items you can best provide for future food hampers.
Toward the end of this month we'll deliver another 100 vouchers to families in need.
This initiative is a direct result of supporters who came forward asking how they could help. Given the state of the pandemic economy, the need will continue to grow. We're asking you to help us build this and other food security programs. For more, and to donate, click here. All donations go directly to those in need.
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