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June 2020 eNews
Priority Project: Salmon River Tidal Slough
Take a Moment in Nature
Step back, take a breath and de-stress.

The latest Nature Trust virtual visit is now live on our website. Join us in beautiful Twin Lakes in the sunny Okanagan. But, watch out for the rattlesnakes!
Notes From the Field:
An interview with Sonja Panozzo, Field Technician
The Enhancing Estuary Resilience project is in full swing. Nature Trust scientists and crews are working hard installing equipment and monitoring the effects of climate change on 15 estuaries on the British Columbia coast.

Estuaries and coastal wetlands comprise less than 3% of BC’s coastline, yet they support over 80% of BC’s coastal fish and wildlife, and provide vital habitat for Pacific salmon.

We sat down with Nature Trust Field Technician Sonja Panozzo to talk about estuaries, field work, and the Enhancing Estuary Resilience project. Read our interview here.
Monthly Donations & Great Canadian Giving Challenge
Looking for a way to help? We have a solution.

Monthly gifts provide a way for you to make a manageable gift and provide great support for The Nature Trust. As a monthly donor, you will join a community of donors known as our Arbutus Circle.

We chose the Arbutus tree to symbolize our monthly program because this tree is special in so many ways with its curving trunk & branches, evergreen broad leaves and peeling red bark. 
Take up the challenge! Donate via Canada Helps to The Nature Trust or any registered Canadian charity in June and automatically enter them to win a $20,000 donation.