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Vol. 2 Issue 4

NBDC businesses invested $66.5 million in their companies in 2016.

Client says "business would not have opened without NBDC"

Paddy McGowan has taught yoga for more than a decade. In 2012, she became a Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher. The certification involved training as well as a 75-class internship in cities across the U.S.-including two private classes for Lady Gaga. 

McGowan obtained an SBA loan to open her yoga studio, the only official Bikram Yoga franchise in Nebraska and Iowa. She was guided in launching her business by Aretha Boex, NBDC consultant. 

"Relying on Aretha took so much pressure off of me," McGowan says. "If you don't take advantage of the resources NBDC offers, you have a much bigger risk of failing."

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Consultant offers support with business planning and financial forecasting

Aretha Boex, MBA, EDFP, CGBP, is lead center director for NBDC in Omaha. She is a certified Economic Development Finance Professional and Certified Global Business Professional. In addition to consulting, Boex leads NBDC's graduate assistant employment program. 

Pricing Strategy Workshop

Pricing involves a balancing act, charging enough to make a profit but not too much to discourage customers. A panel of experts will discuss strategies and best practices for pricing decisions. 

April 27, Nebraska Enterprise Fund Office, Omaha

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