Nebraska Business Development Center
Business Success & Economic Impact
Vol. 3 Issue 7

When You Need an Extraordinary Door
Founded in 1984, Weiland manufactures doors and windows for harsh environmental conditions, such as corrosive wash-down situations in sanitary food plants and wastewater facilities.  In a seven-year span from 2011, the company tripled in size thanks to product innovation and exceptional service. Building a new facility became critical to keeping pace with growth. 

NBDC consultant Loren Kucera guided the managing partners through the SBA loan application project and after a year of hard work, Weiland broke ground on a new plant in Norfolk.  "Needless to say, there was not an abundance of extra time to learn the ins-and-outs of a complicated loan process that involves so many parties," managing partner Carl Weiland says. "The task would have been quite ominous and probably close to impossible without Loren and NBDC."

Loren Kucera, MBA, EDFP, NBDC Wayne center director and business consultant, specializes in loan packaging. Kucera serves on the boards of directors for various economic development organizations throughout the state. He is currently president of the Northeast Economic Development District board of directors. 

The Government Buys Everything!
In 2017, clients of procurement technical assistance centers were awarded 188,000 contracts worth $20 billion. Those contracts included everything from construction to pest control to commercial photography.  In the case of Offutt Air Force Base, the purchase was space. Facing a need for temporary storage during a major renovation project, the base contracted with Batten Trailer Leasing to fill its needs.  

Ashley Batten, general manager, worked with NBDC consultant Mary Graff who provided the guidance to navigate the government contracting process from registration to invoicing. "It was our very first government contract, and Mary set us on the right path," Batten says. "Without her, I would have had no idea what was required."
Photo courtesy of: Ariel Panowicz

Mary Graff, BS, CCAS, EDFP, is a consultant for the NBDC Procurement Technical Assistance Center. Graff was the assistant state director for outreach programs prior to her current position and managed a  venture capital club, a management brief for small businesses and NBDC publications. She is the author of the whitepaper, "Is the Women-Owned Contracting Program a Good Choice for your Business?"

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