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Vol. 3 Issue 2

He turned a love for the craft into business
James Watson started as a home brewer, as so many beer lovers are. Before o pening its doors in 2017, Pint Nine Brewing Company was four years in planning. During that time, James used NBDC as a resource. "They put figures into a usable form that I felt comfortable showing people and having other people take a look at." The projections for growth NBDC was able to show gave James and his potential investors the confidence to start the business. 
Aretha Boex, MBA, MS, EDFP CGBP, is the NBDC lead center director. Her expertise includes planning, financial forecasting, cash flow analysis, commercial loan applications and SBA loan packaging. She oversees the NBDC graduate assistants who provide business planning consulting at UNO's College of Business Administration. 

Workplace safety requires leadership
 As a safety consultant for CRB Builders managing engineers and contractors, Keri Talcott says, "safety is doing the right thing all the time."  With hazardous conditions like working at great heights, everything must be done by the book. Recently, Keri completed her Certificate in Safety Leadership through NBDC. The leadership program taught her conflict management, how to manage different styles of people, coaching, and managing change. "For safety, you need to understand how to reach people on a daily basis - both in the field and upper management," she says. 
Harold Sargus, MBA, SHRM-SCP, leads the professional and organizational development team. NBDC consultants provide strategic solutions for organizational change and performance improvement. NBDC training programs include certificates in leadership, project management, human resources, safety, supply chain management and lean enterprise. 

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