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Thursday, January 7, 2021
This Sunday Worship & Fellowship Info

You Tube Live-Stream broadcasts
this Sunday,
The First Sunday after the Epiphany,
January 10th at 9:00am.

In order to attend these services:
Please visit our website at www.trinitysonoma.org
Select Join Our Online Worship
Select the appropriate service you wish to view.
Relax and enjoy!

After the Sunday service, please join together through Zoom! for a virtual coffee hour - click here to gain access!

Wear a Mask ~ Wash Your Hands ~ Keep your Distance
Be Kind ~ Forgive anyway ~ Take a Breath
2021 Stewardship Campaign
Together we are resilient.  
Update: January 5, 2021

We now have a total of 47 pledge commitments totaling $95,398. We are only $4,602 away from our $100,000 goal.
Since achieving our goal is vital for the maintenance and operations of our parish which also supports Father Jim in outreach and prayer, we have decided to extend our pledge drive through the month of January.
For those of you who made a pledge last year, we ask for your continued support and consideration in making a pledge for 2021.   
Additional pledge cards are available at the parish office or on our website, trinitysonoma.org under GIVING and select 2021 Stewardship Campaign. Here you can make an online pledge or print a pledge card which you can mail to the parish office.  
No amount is too small, and every pledge counts towards our goal.    
Thank you again for your consideration.   
Bible Study at Trinity - -
Dante's The Divine Comedy
Fr. Jim will be embarking on a new topic with the Bible Study Group that explores Dante's "The Divine Comedy."
If this has seemed inaccessible in the past, you will enjoy this treatment of the material in a friendly and engaging manner.
Communion Continues at Trinity!
We have had very successful communions outside in Abbot Courtyard these past few Sundays, and everyone has been wonderfully cooperative in following protocols and maintaining a safe environment.
Please come by!
(If it rains, we will be in the breezeway)

The protocols in place are simple and straightforward:

  • Wear a mask
  • Stay at least 6-feet apart.
  • Have your temperature taken
  • Disinfect your hands (sanitizer provided).

Please come in the spirit of community and with a respect for the health of everyone attending.
Diocesan & Beyond News

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Dear Friends in Christ,
I wish you a happy and hope-filled New Year. May God's grace shine upon you in the coming year.

In your wisdom, O Lord our God, you have made all things, and have allotted to each of us the days of our life: We come to you in prayer on this the beginning of a new year. Grant that we may live in your presence, that we may be guided by your Holy Spirit, and that in the year of 2021 we may offer all our works to your honor and glory; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

The Gospel of Mark -Epiphany 2021-

Begin 2021 with the Gospel of Mark! The Good Book Club returns to read the earliest and shortest of the four gospels, starting Friday, January 1, 2021, through Shrove Tuesday, February 16.

Mark opens with words from the prophet Isaiah: “See, I am sending my messenger ahead of you,” and indeed the gospel itself serves as a messenger for the life and ministry of Jesus. Written around 65-75 CE, Mark proclaims the good news that Jesus is the messiah and Son of God.

Make plans now to join Forward Movement and partner organizations from across the Episcopal Church to encounter the risen Lord through the Gospel of Mark.

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Coming soon!

"From Many, One:
Conversations Across Difference”  
Starting January 18 (Martin Luther King Jr. Day), The Episcopal Church launches "From Many, One: Conversations Across Difference,” a campaign urging Episcopalians and our neighbors to engage in the spiritual practice of listening and honest conversation across the many differences that separate us, starting with four simple questions: 
  1. What do you love? 
  2. What have you lost? 
  3. Where does it hurt? 
  4. What do you dream?  
Inspired by the Latin phrase on the U.S. seal – E Pluribus (“from many”) Unum (“one”) – the campaign is designed to offer a faithful perspective and time-tested practice for knitting deeply divided communities into a diverse, more perfect union. In a cultural moment shadowed by pandemic, fractious politics, and deep division within families, communities, and nations, Episcopalians can partner in simple ways to celebrate difference, listen with deep curiosity, and promote healing. 
"From Many, One” is designed to be simple and transformative. It is geared toward individual people talking to other individuals, although congregations may join, too.
Look for more information in early January 2021 here: https://episcopalchurch.org/from-many-one
Pastoral Care Corner
Your prayers are requested -

During our Online Services, you, members of your family or loved one may find yourself in need of extra support and prayers from our faith community.  If you have a particular prayer request, please email Linda Dowd at lindahdowd@sbcglobal.net.  
Prayer requests will be added to The Prayers of the People during our Sunday worship each week.
Mental Health Moment

Play with a Baby Rhino?
Oh Yeah, on my Bucket List!

Sermons at Trinity:

Can be accessed on the Trinity website:

  • Archived video sermons here.
  • Archived audio sermons here

Sunday Snaps:

  • Will return when WE return!

9:00am Holy Eucharist Rite II
Will be live-streamed Sunday, January 10, 2021
10:00am Virtual Coffee Hour
on Zoom!
11:00am Holy Communion Live
in Abbot Courtyard
(Please follow safety protocols!)

Closing smiles...
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