Tuesday, August 18, 2020. Issue 30.
The first day of preschool is next Tuesday.
A few spaces are still available.
To register your little one, please email Tamar Lai or visit www.marinjcc.org/preschool-main
Starts August 25
for ages 2 to 5
Hooray! Hooray! We're ready for your little ones with "learning pods" and professional teachers guiding lots of fun activities in a safe, clean environment!
Osher Marin JCC Preschool
The Finest in Early Childhood Education for 70 Years
All preschoolers are welcome here.
San Rafael
200 N San Pedro Road
215 Blackfield Drive
Health & Fitness

Outdoor Fitness has moved!
We have moved Outdoor Fitness to the pool area starting Monday, August 17, where there is less wind and more shade.

And there are more time slots to choose from with our new extended hours.
Active membership and reservations are required.
New Hours

Monday through Friday 
6:30am to 6:00pm

Saturday and Sunday
7:30am to 5:45pm
If you would like to restart your membership to use the pool and/or outdoor fitness, please click here.
For the new location, please park in the upper lot by the JCC Preschool and come up the driveway on the left-hand side of the Preschool that leads to the back by the outdoor pool.

Masks are required at all times unless you are in your workout canopy or swimming. (Masks are optional in your canopy.)
If you would like to restart your membership to use the pool and/or outdoor fitness, please click here.
Cultural Arts & Trips
Venice, Italy
Forget a long flight, TSA hassles, and mask-wearing. Let me Zoom you across time zones for a series of virtual trips to the Queen of the Adriatic! Join me for:
Still Traveling:
Venerable Venice
Wednesdays, September 2 - 30 
1:00 to 2:30pm
via Zoom
(No visit on September 23)
Let me introduce you to our terrific tour guide, Laura, who will take us on virtual visits around this historic, romantic, fascinating city. A licensed guide since 2000, this native Venetian will lead us beyond the Square, sharing interesting facts and insights about her city.
Crazy-Incredible Caramels
There's still time to join us for this fun, delectable event. The ordering deadline is extended to Sunday, August 23!

Terrific Tastings:
Crazy-Incredible Caramels
Sunday, August 30 — 3:00pm
via Zoom

Come for the caramel. Stay for the fun!
Adult Learning & Living
Discover poetry to inspire.
Learning Unlimited: Poems of Protest, Vision, and Possibility
with Dale Biron
Wednesday, August 19 — 1:00pm
Free via Zoom
 "Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold."

Poet W.B. Yeats wrote this at the end of WWI when the world was in the grips of a pandemic, undergoing massive changes. Today, amid another pandemic, we are again undergoing colossal change. Our cultural story is transforming and shifting in fits and starts.

Poetry has always played a unique role in such times. Join Dale Biron as we explore rabble-rousing, truth-telling, and poems of courage.

Caution. This event may inspire you to think and act in fresh new ways!

Advanced event registration required. After registering, you will receive an email confirmation with information about joining the meeting.
Thanks to Carol and Duff Kurland and to all our donors for their contributions.
If you would like to donate, please click below and designate "Adult Learning & Living" for your gift. Thank you.
Jewish Peoplehood
Feed the body and the soul.
Kitchen Chevruta: Rosh Hashana
with Gabi Moskowitz and Evan Wolkenstein
Thursday, September 10 7:30pm
Free Advance RSVP Required
Join us for an innovative program that integrates Jewish text and cooking for a soul-nourishing, delicious evening. Each one-hour class includes a cooking demo with lively dialogue exploring relevant Jewish texts and conversation.

Registrants will receive the ingredient list, recipes, and Jewish texts before each class.

The holiday Rosh Hashana contains within it the word "head." Many Jewish communities eat something resembling (or from) head-related foods to end the previous year and kick-off the new one. However, our tradition cautions against forgetting the lowly feet (or tail) as we chart our course. So we'll make sure our food is focusing on the head—while bringing along the tail—with roasted carrots with carrot-top pesto and Labneh.

Sign up for upcoming Kitchen Chevruta dates:
Kitchen Chevruta: Sukkot
Fig and Ricotta Flatbread with Honey and Thyme
Thursday, October 1 7:30pm
Kitchen Chevruta: Simchat Torah
The Cyclical-Linear Time Paradox of the Torahand
Challah Cardamom-Cinnamon Rolls
Thursday, October 8 7:30pm
Tikkun Marin
Voter Engagement
Power Through Voting Kickoff
Tuesday, August 25 — 5:00pm

Next week, we'll kick off a new series of "Power Through Voting" programs sponsored by all six Bay Area JCCs! This 45-minute introduction will speak to the history of voter suppression and what we can do to make a difference. Andrea Miller, the founder of Reclaim Our Vote, part of the Center for Common Ground, is the featured guest speaker.
About the Power Through Voting Series
All JCCs of the Bay Area will be holding Zoom parties and providing resources to get out voters and address voter suppression. This nonpartisan series will feature guest speakers, phone bank opportunities, discussion, happy hours, and much more.
Adult Learning & Living
Zoom practice makes perfect.
Please take a look at our Learning Zoom webpage for easy step-by-step manuals and registration for live online practice sessions, now on Mondays.

Advance registration required. Zoom classes require a minimum of five registrants by 10:00am on the Monday morning of the program.
Thanks to our donors, these manuals and sessions are free!
Political movies matter…especially now!
Movies that satirize, examine, or even celebrate politics have always been on the cinematic scene—from Citizen Kane to Seven Days in May to The Kingmaker to Michael Moore's Where to Invade Next? But there are a few movies so relevant today, I encourage to watch or re-watch them. To find these treasures, Google the film titles.
The Contender (2000)
This film tells the story of a Senator's (Joan Allen) confirmation as vice president after her predecessor's death. Attacks on her personal life, past comments, and allegations of all sorts threaten to derail her possibilities. Writer/Director Rod Lurie said he wrote the part expressly for Allen, who plays it as any person caught in the corruption of the system. Gary Oldman, Jeff Bridges, and Christian Slater star in this powerful and underrated film.
Get Me Roger Stone (2017)
The life and career of political strategist and lobbyist Roger Stone is demystified in this excellent documentary. We get insight into how he planted the seeds that allow his friends, wealthy business people, and moguls to enter the arena of power and upend the Establishment. Is it his narcissism or loyalty to his tribe? Follow this one up with 2019's Where's My Roy Cohn? Then call a therapist.
A Face in the Crowd (1957)
It's one of my favorite films ever made. You will never look at Andy of Mayberry the same. Andy Griffith makes his film debut as the ruthless, nightmarish Larry "Lonesome" Rhodes. He's an Arkansas drifter who becomes a media sensation, diving into egomaniacal madness. Written by Budd Schulberg and directed by Elia Kazan, we follow fame to political power, using celebrity to mold the American mind.
Wag the Dog (1997)
Even the most frustrated of us need to lighten up through smart, witty movies about politics. These days I seem to view this one at least every few months. A spin doctor and a Hollywood producer fabricate a war to distract Americans from a presidential scandal. Politics and showbiz meet in a brilliant comedy so outrageous it could be true! Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman, Anne Heche, and Willie Nelson are part of the remarkable cast.
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939)
We must include this unforgettable film. When an earnest young man is appointed to fill a vacancy in the Senate, he collides with dark and detailed political corruption. From government lackeys to thugs to the destruction of ideals, how much hardball is needed to play with the big boys? James Stewart as Jefferson Smith completely captures patriotism to despair, fighting the bullies to filibuster. A Frank Capra film everyone should see at least once.
Don't forget The Candidate, Bulworth, Lincoln, JFK, Milk, and Suffragette. We can include many others, but start with these and buckle up for some bumpy months ahead.
Expect Issue 31 on Tuesday, August 25. 
Stay well, Friends. We miss you!