Dear GoodLife Community,

I hope this finds you and your loved ones safe and well. We have some exciting news to share. GoodLife will be opening on Monday, September 14!!! We are committed to doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our participants and our staff as we begin reopening. When you return, GoodLife will look different; some spaces may be unavailable and others will have limits on the number of folks who use them at a time. One thing that will remain the same is our commitment to helping our participants LIVE THE GOODLIFE! We cannot wait to welcome you back!

We are following the NH Department of Health and Human Services guidelines as well as the CDC. Our protocols are subject to change based on their recommendations. Please read over everything carefully:
GoodLife's Plan and Protocols
Entering the Building
  • Staff will record their temperature upon arriving to work
  • A staff member will take each person's temperature using an infrared thermometer and ask screening questions. Those with a temperature above 99.9 degrees will not be admitted to the building
  • Staff, participants, and instructors will be REQUIRED to wear a mask and stay at least 6 feet apart, 10 feet in the big room
  • One inside lobby door will be open at all times (outside door will remain closed until class check-in begins)
  • Sanitizer station will be provided when entering the building and sanitizer in each room
  • The touchscreen will not be used to sign in for classes: a staff member will check everyone in
  • Registration is required ahead of time for each class, there will be no drop-in classes
  • Class schedule will be LIMITED
  • Registration for ZOOM classes will be online (or by phone)
  • To register for in-person classes you must call 603-228-6630. Registration opens AUGUST 31 FOR IN-PERSON. CLASSES BEGIN SEPTEMBER 14.
  • Classes will be held outside whenever possible (social distancing will be followed, but masks will not be required outside)
  • Limit class size to 10 for big room, 5 for classrooms
  • Social distancing dots in big room will be spaced 10 feet apart
  • Allow a half hour between classes to give staff members time to clean
  • Participants will be asked to stay in their car until class begins, a staff member will open the outside door when you can enter the building
  •  After each class, a staff member will sanitize the doors, chairs, bathroom, and all high touch areas
  •  Participants must bring their own water bottle
  • Shared exercise equipment will be removed/covered. Participants must bring their own yoga mat (cardio equipment if applicable)
  • Exercise instructors will take more frequent water breaks
  • ZOOM classes will be available in addition to in person
  • Limit one person in the bathroom at a time and encourage hand washing (occupied sign on the door)
  • Men’s room will become UNISEX
  • Plastic barrier at the front desk and side desk
  • Water fountains will be turned off and sign placed in front of them
  • Weekly cleaning service using CDC approved cleaning products by cleaning service, as well as daily cleaning between classes by staff
  • Replaced air filters with MERV-13 high efficiency air filter and installed UV light over main air duct
  • Added screen to exit door in big room to allow outdoor airflow
All of this is subject to change based on recommendations from the State of NH and the CDC. As a reminder we plan to open on September 14 and registration for in-person classes will begin on August 31. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at or call 603-228-6630.

We look forward to seeing you SOON!


Susan Greenblott
Executive Director