The Community Foundation of the Mahoning Valley officially published its 2017 Community Report in the Mid April edition of The Business Journal. This email contains a preview, but you can read the  full report here.
Goodbye, Dust Collector; Hello, Community!
This year, we’re ditching the traditional, saying goodbye to the conventional annual report booklet. You know the one — thick, heavy and with more information than any one person can reasonably digest.

Rather than create another beautiful dust collector, we’ve decided to report our impact to the broader community and in a more concise format.

From the grants we make to the priority areas of the Healthy Community Partnership, our activities are guided by our constituents and their vision for the community. Whether you’re a fund holder, grantee, HCP member, donor, volunteer or simply a local resident concerned about your community, it only makes sense that we share the results of the work you’ve been driving.

Continuing in 2018, we have challenging work to do, particularly as we strengthen our role as convener and changemaker. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating the successes of the past year and help us build on them for the future.
Did you know the Community Foundation manages more than $63 million in assets? Or that in 2017, we made 205 grants and opened eleven new funds?

Are you wondering why you should care?

While those statistics and other highlights on the infographics to the left may not seem to impact you personally, they are directly linked to where you and your family live, learn, work and play. Each asset under the foundation’s umbrella is set aside to benefit our community in perpetuity. Each grant made improves our environment, access to resources or education. And each fund opened is another commitment made by community members to improve and preserve our Valley.

Check out the full 2017 Community Report to learn more about the foundation's work and how it directly impacts you!