A Note from Scott and Marsha
August 1, 2019
Where did July go? Anyone? June?? I can't even believe we are rolling out of summer and fall is on the horizon. I could almost smell fall a couple of weeks ago. You remember that one rainy day we had that was like 72 degrees and overcast?? That ONE DAY right after we had 106 feel like temperatures for a week where your knees were actually sweating the minute you walked outside and the humidity sat on your head like a wet dog? Yeh. I'm not bitter.  

I'm not bitter, but I am sad. I'm always sad when unexpected things happen. With teary eyes, we lost Daisy a few weeks ago, our beloved little masked alpaca. We have no words for the run of luck we've had lately, or any words that can be published publicly for that matter. No warnings. No sickness. In talking with some other farmers, we have realized we aren't the only ones experiencing losses. M-worm has been worse this year with the overly wet winter we have had for everyone in NC.  

What does that mean? It left us with one sweet alpaca girl, Iris. Alpacas do not do well alone. So before we made a reactionary decision, Kristen at High Rock Alpacas reached out to us as her daughter shops and visits with us at the garden center. Kristen willingly has taken Iris for a season with her small alpaca herd. This will give us time to move the goats to the pond area for new grazing and to renovate their area. We can then make a better decision for us and the furry friends at FGS.  

How is Iris? She loved the car ride. She made new friends, immediately started eating AND humming again. Despite my crying as she left, we know this is best for her at the moment. And we can't thank Kristen enough for giving Iris a lovely new home and friends for this season. You know, there really are just good people in the world still despite what social media offers. And that makes me teary eyed again.  

What good can we offer you? Goats and all things green. All things green and coming soon, orange (pumpkins)!! In the meantime, let the renovations begin :) 
Tropical Tuesday is every Tuesday in July and August! Tropical Tuesday is the perfect opportunity to fill your home with houseplants for less! All of our houseplants are 10% OFF every Tuesday in July and August.
Aloe Vera is one succulent no home should be without, according to Judy. Also Vera has so many medicinal properties and uses. Soothe a burn or sunburn, or apply to a cut for its antioxidant properties. Aloe Vera is easy to care for as well since it does not require a lot of watering. Do put it somewhere that gets plenty of light!
This lovely Lilac shrub blooms for months, and you will love the delightful fragrance of the blooms. They attract butterflies, but are not enticing to deer (bonus!) and will grow 4-6 feet tall. Plant where it will receive plenty of sun and drainage. Use this shrub as a foundation plant, or in a border. You can also use it in a container!
This adorable full-sun loving evergreen is blooming now, and wow! The blooms are deliciously fragrant. The Little Gem is a smaller variety than your typical large Southern Magnolia. Although it is described as a "dwarf", the Little Gem will grow 20-25 feet tall. It is a perfect tree for small lawns or gardens. They also work well as a screening plant.

Come learn about a garden or plant-related topic, create a themed craft, enjoy a snack and a walk around the Garden Center. Cost is only $5 for kids ages 4-10.

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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

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Wednesday, August 21, 2019 

Come learn about the benefits and methods of using essential oils for your garden and houseplants. You will also receive an organic pesticide and organic gardener's hand soap made with essential oils as well as the recipes to make these products on your own! We will provide a complimentary glass of wine or hard cider and light snacks. The bar will be open if you would like to purchase additional beverages or a bottle of wine to take home. Come enjoy an educational and fun evening in the beauty of our Garden Center after hours.  Space is limited--only 30 spots available.  Payment is required at time of registration to secure your spot.

Cost: $20
Presenter: Kelly, Essential Oils Guru
Registration deadline: August 17

REGISTER HERE . For questions, call Julia at (919)484-9759, ext. 101 or email julia@fgsdurham.com .
Our  blog   is updated weekly with posts to educate and help you bring green home. Happy August, friend! There is lots to do in the lawn and garden. We have listed all the things you need to do ! Are your flowers not doing as well as you would like? This may be because you are not deadheading them like you should. Find our more about what to deadhead, how and why in this post .
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