Hospitals in Beijing are beginning to do surgeries again. Stephanie (hip surgery), Chen and Han (urological surgery) were able to come for surgery. Freddy was also able to come and get fitted for new braces. We are so glad that once again the children are able to get the medical care they need.
Please join us in welcoming Irene to our Savannah Project. This spunky little one has already had to go through heart and eye surgery. She has recovered well and we are blessed to have her join the New Day family.
COVID-19 has caused It to be a slow year with adoptions, so when Logan joined his forever family we celebrated. The great news is it was a local family.
Age out: Aug 16, 2021
Age out: Feb 27, 2028
Age out: Aug 6, 2025
Family is the single most important influence in a child's life. Children thrive on feelings of belonging and the affection that come from having caring and supportive families. There are many children who do not have this advantage. Austyn, Freddy and James are getting ready to age out. This means they will not be able to be adopted and will not have the opportunity of knowing the love of a family.

Are you an answer to their dream of a family? If so email me at for more information.
As expected when we last wrote, hospital activity has really picked up in recent months. We actually have three children in the hospital right now with two more coming in the next week or two! And as always, we have children coming for post-op checkups nearly every week now.

Minh Phuc and Anh are both recovering after their recent heart surgeries, 
and Mlo was just admitted and will be having surgery soon.

Trang and Han (the baby) will be coming to the 
hospital soon, both needing heart surgery.
Funding is always a challenge in a new project like this, but through your generosity we have so far been able to say “yes!” to the requests for help that have come to us (thank you!) The low cost of surgery and medical care in Vietnam also makes it possible for surgery donations and medical sponsorships to go a long way.
We are especially happy this month to introduce you to Minh, our newest local staff member in Vietnam. Growing up in difficult circumstances himself, Minh brings a big heart and long history of working with disadvantaged children and families to our team. You can read more about Minh on our website.
Finally, our dream of having a “guest house” for the children and families coming for medical care is getting closer to coming true. Travel is long and tiring for families with sick children, and accommodations near the hospitals are often hard to find, substandard and too expensive. We are in discussions now to secure a building that will enable us to offer the families a comfortable and supportive environment during the time of their child’s surgery and medical care.  Pray with us that we will have good news to share with you in our next newsletter!
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