Samsara means the cycle of death and rebirth. Each and every one of us go thru many cycles of death and rebirth physically, mentally, energetically with in our lifetime. We go through these same cycles in our relationships, passions, beliefs and work.

When we decided to open Samsara we wanted to help people create conscious, healthier cycles within their lives. Yoga, meditation, massage, sacred adornment, art, shamanic practices and sound healing are all things we can do regularly to help us self reflect, self adjust and self improve.

When we improve ourselves, our cycles and habits, it has a direct positive effect on those around us. It can help uplift them, inspire them and possibly even be the push they need to start a true self care practice of their own. Then a ripple effect takes place...

One man who has helped us create a lot of positive change this last year is Geoffrey Taylor. He has help us start, run and been the creative design of White Wolf Wellness.
He has put a lot of time, personal love and work into create our yoga programs that helps 100's of people in Bakersfield, Wasco, Delano, Tehachapi, Lost Hills, Arvin, Frazier Park and Arvin, receive free yoga services geared toward mental health support.

We wanted to thank Geoffrey for all his hard work and say good luck in this next chapter of his life. Geoffrey will be taking an exciting position with Grimmway's Edible school yard.

For those of you who will miss Geoffrey, don't worry he will still be around, just less time at the front desk, more time in the yoga classes!

Take time to seek out the creativity within yourself. Surround yourself among individuals that will encourage your individuality in a space that has been crafted to bring out your self-expression.

Nature Printmaking - July 13
Story Collage - August 10
Work at your own pace between 6-8PM
$25, all materials included
No art experience required, must be comfortable sitting and creating on the floor.
July 11 - Ceremonialist : Learn the essential elements of ceremonial space and how to create ceremony in your life for personal intention and transformation.

August 1 - Warrior : Find out what it means to be a real spiritual warrior and how to cultivate power to actualize your vision in your present reality.

Each experience is $30.
Led by Nich Von
Over the years, all people take on rigid patterns in their bodies; we sit at desks, we drive in cars, we stand and walk in certain ways. Our society and upbringing tell us indirectly and directly that it's okay for us to move in some ways, but not in others. The way we move affects the way we feel. This practice aims to reconnect us to our inherent freedom and the endless range of possibilities accessible to us in each moment. Starting within the familiar postures of yoga, we'll start to gently explore options for freeform movement, gradually preparing us to more fully inhabit our bodies and dance!
We'll then wind it down to slower exploratory movements, eventually finding stillness in meditation and rest.
This practice is for all levels.
This practice is for all bodies.
If dancing makes you excited, this workshop if for you. If dancing makes you terrified, this workshop is for you, too!

Friday, July 26
6:15-7:45 PM

The cost for this workshop is $20.
Led by Candace Stevens
In this workshop, Francine will share her extensive knowledge (influenced by senior Iyengar teachers/mentors) and yoga therapeutics training regarding conditions of the neck. Students will be empowered with information and poses that they can practice at home. This alignment based practice is available to everyone, from beginners to advanced yoga students.  

Saturday, July 20 from 12-2:30PM
Led by Francine Papadimitrakis
Private Yoga Couture Classes for up to 3 people
Yoga couture can be a great time to bring a family member in who may be a little hesitant to try something new. We have couples come in, friends looking for a healthy outlet and families members of all ages. We keep the classes affordable so it's not much more than paying for a regular yoga class,
but its a whole lot more special.
By Stephen Winters, @allamericangypsy

New Meditation Series
Every First Wednesday through Oct.
Next Sessions:
Aug. 7, Sept. 4, Oct. 2
10-10:30 AM

Community Yoga
Next Sessions:
Sound Bath in the Gallery
Aug. 2
Meditation in the Garden
Sept. 6
Family Yoga with Costumes
6-7:15 PM

Bring your yoga mat and blankets or anything to make you comfortable.

Donations Welcome.

Meditation Cultivation
EVERY Saturday
8:30-9:30 AM

Yoga for Anxiety and Depression
Select Tuesdays through Nov.
July 16, 30 & Aug. 13, 27
4:30-5:30 PM

Mindful Meditation
Select Wednesdays through Dec.
July 17, 24, 31 & Aug. 7, 14, 21, 28
6-7 PM

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga
Select Saturdays through Dec.
July 20 & Aug. 3, 17, 31
12-1 PM

Funded by Kern Behavioral Health & Recovery Services
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