Essential Workers
Help All Saints Support Our Local Heroes with Your Donation of Goodies
Our local hospital staff at Calvert Health (all are essential workers) have been impacted by the challenges of the Corona Virus as they’ve had to prepare for and respond to local people infected by it.  As we have seen in the news and throughout the Internet, we’re coming to understand just the stress of the unknown and unknowable risks to their families is difficult. Fortunately, there’s something right up All Saints’ alley that we can do for them -- feed them goodies! Our INSIDE expert reliably informs us that nothing lifts spirits of hospital staff more that snacks and treats! 

So, here’s OUR plan: There will be baskets at the back of the Sanctuary (near the sound system) and you’re invited to fill them to overflowing with goodies – purchased or homemade. (Think pickup truck sort of overflowing!) If homemade, please pack them in zipper plastic bags. Whether commercial or homemade, please give the outside of the packaging a sanitizer wipe down as you put them in the basket. If you’d like to include a little note of appreciation, that would be extra special. We’ll deliver all to the hospital staff with a big thank you from All Saints!  PLEASE GET THEM TO THE SANCTUARY NO LATER THAN TOMORROW EVENING, WEDNESDAY, MAY 6 th .  Please send a prayer for those who care for us and our community and give them an All Saints hearty thank you!