Goodnature X-6 Juice Presses
(4) Used Cold-Press Juicers Available
Recently Rebuilt With New Parts

(4) Goodnature X-6 Commercial Cold-Press Juicers, with feed capacity of 480 pounds (217 kilograms) of product per hour, producing 40 to 100 US gallons per hour (150 to 380 liters), with output varying based on the product and pressing style. Commonly used for juice, cider, nutmilk, and kombucha processing. The X-6 contains (6) X-1 sized press bags, with platen press electrically driven by 1 HP, 115/208/220 Volts, single phase, 60 Hz motor. Serial number 22068-2. Manufactured in 2012 and rebuilt with new parts in 2021.