Dear 3rd Grade Families:

As Mr. Lundin informed you in his communication yesterday, he will be using the Google Classroom platform for 3rd grade lessons during this time of learning beyond the classroom. It is a very user friendly and intuitive platform. If you need to familiarize yourself with Google Classroom, you will find many Youtube tutorials online.

In order for Google Classroom to function for the class, we need to create an account for every student that is connected to Mountain Laurel's Google Suite for Education. I am creating a unique email address for your child which will function as the user ID to access your child's Google classroom.

You will soon receive an email from Google saying something like: "Hi "your child's name", welcome to Google .... please reset your password." At that time, reset with a password of your choice.

From this moment on, when you wish to access Mr. Lundin's Google Classroom for your child, use the following:
user ID: your child's email address
Password: the password you created for the Google email address.

.... and you should be all set for learning beyond the classroom.

Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you experience difficulty with the account set up.

Warmest regards,