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November 11, 2016   

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Now That the Election is Over...

Now that the election is over, we can get back to what we do best, helping children in need. Especially now that Thanksgiving is only a few short weeks away and #GivingTuesday is just around the corner. It is the time of the year when we all want to share our blessings with others.
As we announced in our last newsletter, this year we are organizing a special virtual Thanksgiving dinner for anyone who wants to open his/her heart to those who are less fortunate. We have created three different programs that will help anyone who is interested in helping those in need across the world. They are:
  • Refugees in the US: Thousands of Syrian refugees have recently moved to the United States. They had all been waiting in camps for many years, mostly witnessing the worst crimes. Although now they are in a safe country, government assistance is not enough to cover their needs. Child Foundation wants to help them with warm meals during this holiday season.
  • Helping Haitian storm victims: Several hundred thousand people in Haiti are homeless as the result of a strong hurricane. They are hungry and are now facing Chorea. Child Foundation with the help of a trusted local charity, is providing them with food.
  • Breakfast in Sistan-Baluchestan: Our local office has targeted several schools in the outskirts of Zahedan where children usually attend school on a hungry stomach due to extreme poverty. Child Foundation will provide breakfast to school children of several schools three time a week for the next three months.
All funds received will go directly to support any charitable causes that you choose. What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than to make a conscious decision to help children in need to have access to food this holiday?!

Peyman Raoofi. Psy.D.
President & CEO

G o o g l e @ Child Foundation!
This week, a team from Google's headquarters in Mountain View, California flew to Portland to help us with their products. Thanks to many Google donors, we receive a good amount of donations from Google as a part of their matching donation of their employees to Child Foundation. Google also provides Child Foundation with a $10,000 monthly Google ad grant that has helped our marketing efforts.

The team from Google will provide us with training and the latest office and marketing tools and products so we can have a better presence on the internet. Many thanks to Google and of course Anna, Martin and Gerry.

Ha iti, Is It a Forgotten Cause?

Our volunteers were in Haiti from October 27 through November 7, and visited the cities of Port-Salut and Saint Jean du Sud, which were hit very badly. The devastation in these cities is catastrophic. In total, 9,570 houses are destroyed completely, and 10,000 are damaged and most need new roofs. These houses represent approximately 90% of the houses in these cities. Most of the churches and schools that were designated as temporary shelters are either destroyed or their roofs are gone.  As a result, thousands of families have no place to sleep while the rain never seems to stop. It's a total human disaster.
The coastal villages of Roche-Jabouin, Balixte, and Bord Mer are simply wiped out and must be rebuilt somewhere else.  These villages had 850 houses/families that must be removed. These people lost everything, including all of their personal belongings.  The water sources in these villages are contaminated by the sea water.  All of the crops in the affected areas are destroyed, and 50% of the animals died during the hurricane. More than 85% of the trees are down.  Over 60% of the population in these cities are fishermen and lost all of their fishing equipment.  Therefore, they  have no way to earn a living.  All electrical wires in these cities are down, and the people are living in total darkness. 
Unfortunately, it seems that , since Haiti is not in the news any more, no one is pay ing attention. Child Foundation sends donation s to a trusted local charity for purchasing food and lighting equipment. Our friends helped locals by distributing 500 solar lamps to 500 families, distributed food to 700 households, and repaired a water system in Roche-Jabouin to benefit 3,000 people. But it is not enough and we all need to help thousands of Haitian children to get back on their feet and start going to school again.
We could not assist the victims without your generous donations. We urge you to donate to our Haitian fund.

Welcome New Sponsors, You Are All Amazing:
During the last two weeks, the following individuals have joined thousands of our sponsors who provide monthly assistance to children. 
We sincerely welcome them and at the same time warn them to prepare for many years of enjoying the wonderful feelings of helping a child achieve his/her dreams through education.  On behalf of children supported, we thank them for their kindness and generosities.
From the United States:
Alan (CA), Ali (NC) 2 , Alireza(OR), Alireza (RI), Ana (TX), Arezoo (VA) 3 , Azadeh (CA), Azadeh (FL), Fatemeh (CT), Golnar (CA), Hojat (CO), Hossein (MA), Nima (CT),  Niloufar (MI), Reza (MA), Rossana (IL), Sajad (IA), Shahnaz (FL), Simin (CA), Ziba (CA), Zeinab (FL)

And from other countries:
Abbas (UK) 3 , Fahimeh (Canada), Golfam (Canada), Maree (Australia), Reza (Canada), Nina (South Africa), Quentin (Belguum), Shabnam (UAE), Samareh (Belgium), Shirin (Denmark)

  The red numbers show number of children they chose to sponsored.

I am eight-years-old student in the 3 rd grade from Zahedan. My father is unable to work because he has lost his left leg and most of his right arm functions due to a workplace accident in the mechanic shop. My mother is illiterate and unable to support our family. I have two little sisters, and we all live in their grandmother's house in the outskirts of Zahedan.
Please help me to stay in school. With your generosity and help, I will be able to attend school and receive the education I need to build a better future for myself and my family.

Tabriz school
A generous lady donated a large piece of land to be used for building a school for children in need in Tabriz. 

Child Foundation has finished surveying the land and have blue prints ready.

For additional information, and to participate in this project, please visit our page here.

Coal for Cold!

Winter is approaching fast in Afghanistan, and concern of many families we support is their "heat". 
They usually use coal for their coal stove and heaters. This year they are also concerned about security of the area and how difficult it could be to look for coal.

According to our office in Mazar-e-sharif, the cost of coal for each family is about $80. If you like to help a family in need to stay warm this winter, please donate $80 for each family here. 
Home Repair for Shaghayegh!

Shaghaye's house was in ruin. When her sponsor, Fereshteh who lives in Cambridge, MA found out about her condition, not only paid for major repair of her house but also provided her with other gifts such as modem and internet subscription.
Shaghayegh who lives in Zabol is a touching letter to Fereshteh expressed her thanks and promised to make her proud of herself.
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