Google Launches New Feedback Tool ‘Course Kit’ to Eliminate Assignment Uploads, via EdSurge

According to this EdSurge article , Google unveiled a new tool, Course Kit, that will allow students to submit assignments to their LMSs directly from their Google Drive (as opposed to uploading files manually). “Positioning collaborative Google Docs and Drive to be easily integrated with the pervasive LMS is a clever judo move,” says edtech analyst Phil Hill. “Stop fighting the LMS and instead use its momentum to their advantage.”
Speaking of LMS, you may be interested in updating your approach to managing digital classroom content. Learning Management Systems: EDU 920 (developed in collaboration with Wilson College), is available online September 24th.

It is an appropriate course for teachers at any skill level, where participants will investigate the function, benefits and challenges of an LMS in today’s learning environment. Course-takers will evaluate the best components to choose in building an online-supported course, and identify best practices in managing digital content, activities and collaboration using an LMS.
Congratulations to our MET Program Graduates!
The end of the spring 2018 semester saw the first set of graduates from the Wilson College Master of Educatonal Technology degree program in partnership with Eduspire. The program continues to grow, with approximately 250 students now having applied for the MET degree and/or the ITS certification program.
MET Spotlight: Pam Grimminger
MET participant,
Pam Grimminger
Meet Pam. A fourth grade teacher in the Bellefonte, PA area school district, she is almost finished with her coursework and will soon be completing her Master of Educational Technology degree through Wilson College.

Here's a glimpse of Pam's feedback about her experience in the MET program:

We asked Pam, "How has the MET impacted your classroom instruction?"
Pam said, "I have so much more knowledge about technology and how to use it effectively in the classroom. I feel that I am able to use technology to enhance my instruction and the learning of the students'. I am able to effectively use my time and provide different ways for students to learn."

We also asked, "Would you recommend the MET program to a colleague, and why?"

Pam said, "Yes, I would. The knowledge and skills you gain will be valuable no matter what your grade-level or position. Technology is ever-changing and this program gives you an edge on how you can best use it in your classroom."
Fall Courses Open for Registration:
Tech Up Your Back-to-School Season
In the ever-changing technological landscape, it's important to continually seek new innovative ways to engage with students. Let us help you with our wide selection of EdTech courses for K-12 educators, available this fall.
Investigate the free educational solution, G Suite for Education and understand how these technical and educational tools can empower teachers and students to develop authentic, relevant digital learning.
Online September 10 | Instructor: Jeff Mummert | Register by August 31

This online course will not only examine current research on innovation and creativity, but will also demonstrate how technology can be used in an interdisciplinary, multi-level approach. 
Online September 10 | Instructor: Carol Roth | Register by August 31

This course focuses on transforming instruction for a 1:1 class environment. Strategies will be presented for developing daily instructional plans that embed local-level technology into the curriculum content and ISTE standards.
Online September 10| Instructor: Bryan Tayman | Register by August 31

Explores blended learning models and the implementation of such models in the classroom. Focuses on technological and pedagogical implementation, including resource identification and logistical and structural development of blended classroom environments to support student access and academic integrity.
Online September 17 | Instructor: Brenda Boyer | Register by September 7

Understanding how to manage digital information is a requisite skill for educators of all kinds. Recognizing information needs, locating and evaluating appropriate resources and using digital resources ethically and effectively ensures that teachers can, in turn, nurture these critical skills in their learners.
And many more excellent options!
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Another Successful KTI Summit in the Books!
Pictured: Teachers from the Hempfield School District
Educators learned a lot, played a rousing game of Quizlet, and participated in a "scavenger hunt" for Eduspire sponsors to generate buzz on social media for the event:
Click here to see the fun clip KTI Star and 5th grade teacher Sara Groves (and friends) made for us.

"I gained so much from this summit, that it is impossible to put the value into words. My classroom will be different, my students will be more engaged, and I will continue to grow as a result." — A.F., Manheim Central School District

"I want to thank all the #kti2018 sponsors for being dynamic thus far, you all are really helping up build on the 4 pillars of @PAECT ...connect, develop, lead and advocate! @LearnSTEMic @HarrisburgU @KatapultLabs @keystonespa @eduspirePD." — J.T., Philadelphia School District
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