Techstars Becomes TechMATCH Client

We are happy to announce that Techstars, an organization dedicated to providing seed funding and mentorship to entrepreneurs, will use TechMATCH software to help their portfolio companies make the right connections. Techstars will use TechMATCH's intelligent matchmaking engine to match the right sponsors with the right portfolio companies. "Inviting everybody to a big room for networking is a shotgun approach. We want to use a smarter and more effective approach by setting up quality introductions," said Techstars founder and CEO Brad Feld. Visit the Techstars website for more information. 

InvestMaryland Challenge Win Transformative for Maryland Entrepreneur
"It wasn't just another business competition for Scott Holland, it was the realization of a life-long dream. Holland's startup i-Lighting, a novel easy-to-install indoor and outdoor LED lighting system, was awarded $100,000 and other prizes in April 2013 during the inaugural InvestMaryland Challenge, a prestigious business competition by the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development." Read More

Why Are Israelis Such Leaders in Innovation? (via IFCJ)

Enjoy this close-up look at the many ways Israeli innovation has made all our lives easier -- and why this small nation has made such a huge impact on the world of technology.

The Shocking Statistics About Who's Really Starting Companies in America (via FastCompany)
"What do Google's Sergey Brin, eBay's Pierre Omidvar, and Tesla Motors's Elon Musk all have in common? Each of these serial entrepreneurs who founded companies that have market caps in the tens or hundreds of billions--employing tens of thousands of workers--were..." Read more

Crowd Equity Will Not Live Up To The Hype (via Amplifier Ventures)
"The JOBS Act reminds me of the old joke about the elephant and the blind men.  An elephant looks very different depending upon which part you're touching.  There's lots of hype around the concept of crowd equity for sure - almost breathless at times. This week's announcement that the SEC is moving forward with rules to effect the intent of the Act - to allow unaccredited investors (i.e.., not wealthy people) to invest in startups through on line exchanges - was no exception." Read more
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