Lynn Gordon Bailey, Gordie's father, passed away at the age of 80 on May 30, 2016. As Lynn's widow, Claire, so eloquently stated, "Both Lynn Gordon Baileys will now be reunited."  Our thoughts are with the Bailey, Kendall, and Lanahan family and friends as they grieve this loss. View Lynn's obituary to learn more about his life and legacy.
Charting a Path for Next Year

The summer months allow for reflection on the year passed and planning for the year ahead. School administrators use this time to assess the success of last year's programming efforts, and set goals for the upcoming year. Students recharge to ensure their best efforts when classes begin again, and determine their next steps in coursework or career paths. Parents try to prepare for upcoming challenges they will face with their children, and look for opportunities to improve communication. Regardless of your summer plans, it is always the right time to talk about expectations involving alcohol, other drugs, and hazing, as well as any concerns with mental health. Preparing for a new academic year, especially sending a student to college for the first time, makes these conversations even more important. The first few weeks of a new situation can be stressful and potentially dangerous, and college is no exception--students are navigating many changes, and the support of administrators, parents, and peers is crucial to healthy and happy transitions. 
Gordie Center Ideas and Updates
  HAZE Presentation in New York
Gordie Center staff member Jill traveled to New York in June to present HAZE and facilitate a discussion about alcohol overdose and hazing with Bronxville High School's senior class. Also on her trip, Jill met with administrators at Iona College, SUNY - Purchase, and Manhattanville College to discuss bringing the Gordie Center's educational products and materials to their campuses, spreading Gordie's lifesaving message. Our GivingToHoosDay donors made this trip possible--thank you!
Static Mirror Cling Now Available!
Announcing a NEW GORDIEstore product! We now offer the GORDIEcling, a static mirror cling displaying the signs of alcohol overdose. Perfect for bathroom and residence hall mirrors, the clings are vinyl and use no adhesive--no messy residue left behind! Available in two sizes to fit your space: 4" x 6" ($13 per pack of 25), and 3" x 5" ($11 per pack of 25). We can also customize the cling for your institution by adding your logo in the lower right corner--contact us to discuss pricing for customization! 
The 4th of July holiday is upon us, and safety is important on this and all holidays--especially with fireworks involved. Please plan to celebrate your holiday safely, and remember these tips for a fun holiday and summer:
  • Alcohol affects everyone differently: learn how it affects you by using's Virtual Bar app. Remember that the legal driving limit in the United States is 0.08, and know how your alcohol intake equates to your BAC.
  • Don't drive after drinking alcohol or using drugs. Bring a designated, non-drinking driver with you, check local transit schedules, load Uber onto your smartphone, or save the number for a cab company into your phone to make the choice not to drink and drive easy at the end of the night.
  • Always exercise caution and concentration when driving: put your phone down and focus on the road. Do not drive when you are tired, and be aware of your surroundings--pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists populate streets and sidewalks on beautiful summer days.
  • Wear your seat belt. Your best protection in an accident is your seat belt.

Have a happy holiday weekend, and lots of summer fun in July! 

Until next month,

Susie Bruce,  Director, Gordie Center for Substance Abuse Prevention
Jill Maurer,  National Development & Program Coordinator
Gordie Center for Substance Abuse Prevention |

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