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Happy summer! With the 4th of July upon us (and for all holidays), it is important to consider safety when planning your celebration. Here are some reminders to ensure a fun and safe summer when your plans include alcohol:
  • Keep hydrated to minimize problems while drinking: Soaring temperatures combined with the dehydrating effects of alcohol can lead to problems. Make sure every other drink is a non-alcoholic one. When hosting, make sure you provide plenty of cold, non-alcoholic choices for your guests.
  • Alcohol affects everyone differently: learn how it affects you by using's Virtual Bar app. Remember that the legal driving limit in the United States is 0.08, and know how your alcohol intake impacts your BAC.
  • Alcohol and water recreation do not mix: Impaired judgment from even low levels of alcohol use can increase risk taking, leading surfers to attempt more dangerous waves and swimmers to underestimate the pull of a riptide or dive into too-shallow water.
  • Summer months increase the risk of impaired driving: When planning your celebration, make sure you include one or more of these options for a safe return home:
    • Ensure someone in your group is the designated, non-drinking driver
    • Check local transit schedules
    • Load a ridesharing app onto your smartphone
    • Save the number for a cab company into your phone
    Any of these ideas make it easy to not drink and drive at the end of the night.
Enjoy the 4th and lots of safe summer fun in July!
Tonight on Dateline NBC
Tonight at 10/9c, Dateline NBC will include a story on Robert Tipton, Jr.'s hazing death at High Point University in March of 2012. Robert and his mother, Deborah Dunklin Tipton, were featured in the Gordie Center's 2017 print publication, and Deborah has been a tremendous champion of the Gordie Center's efforts to end hazing. The Gordie Center is in the process of creating a position named after Robert, the Robert Tipton Hazing Prevention Coordinator--stay tuned next month for the new addition to our staff, and tune in to Dateline tonight to learn more about Robert from Deborah and his sister Mary.
2019 Hazing Prevention Institutes
HazingPrevention.Org's Hazing Prevention Institute had 150 attendees!
Gordie Center Prize Pack Winner Shylan Scott from the College of William & Mary
HPO Hazing Prevention Institute Faculty Fellows, including Susie, with Tracy Maxwell
2019 Hazing Prevention Institutes
Gordie Center Director Susie Bruce served as a faculty member and fellow at HazingPrevention.Org's 2019 Hazing Prevention Institute, hosted by Drexel University in Philadelphia. Susie presented a plenary session on how to engage students in hazing prevention efforts, and also facilitated campus team discussions. It was inspiring to meet so many people who are committed to ending hazing in high schools and colleges! The Gordie Center is grateful for our continued partnership with HazingPrevention.Org, and the opportunity to share Gordie's story.
If you missed the opportunity to attend HazingPrevention.Org's institute, there is still time to attend the Interdisciplinary Institute for Hazing Prevention (July 17-19), sponsored by NovakTalks and RISE Partnerships and hosted by the University of Texas at Dallas. Holly Deering and Jill Maurer from the Gordie Center will be in attendance, and we would love to see you there!
Until next month,

Susie Bruce,  Director, The Gordie Center
Jill Maurer, National Development & Program Coordinator 


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