April 2017

How is the second quarter treating you? Is your business in growth mode? As you will recall, Gordon Law spent the first quarter of 2017 outlining particular issues for employers. We are now moving on to your business' contractual relationships. As you will see below, we start with the negotiating mindset. Essentially, everything is a negotiation. The scope we outline can be used by you no matter what your business is currently doing. Please know that Gordon Law remains available to you to help you negotiate, draft or review any type of contract.  

Each business has contracts. Sometimes they are verbal, sometimes they are in writing. Either way, by the time your business gets to a finalized contract, it may have missed the opportunity to negotiate terms or specifications within that contract. Read HERE to learn more about successfully negotiating your contracts.

Regardless of whether your business is growing or in some other phase of development, it is important that you pay particular attention to your contracts as well as all possible contractual relationships. Gordon Law is happy to assist you in understanding when and how you can negotiate within any relationship.

As of this writing, the Nevada Legislature is more than halfway through its 120-day session. For the most part, all bills have been introduced.  Some have said that this legislative session has been the most aggressive against business in recent memory. We have seen bills to force paid leave; bills to force businesses to keep track of demographic information and forward it to the State of Nevada; and bills to raise the minimum wage. 

Not only is Gordon Law closely monitoring how the Legislature's action will affect your business, we are preparing a seminar for our clients and the community at large to discuss how the bills that ultimately become laws will impact your business. We will keep you updated as to the date, time and location of this seminar.

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