February 2019
Your workforce makes the difference between a vibrant and profitable enterprise and one where you are unable to keep the doors open. Nevada is in the midst of a severe labor shortage. As such, there is increased demand upon you to find the best ways to attract and maintain talent. You may feel additional pressure as there are ongoing discussions about an increased minimum wage, paid sick leave, and the increased costs of benefits.  
The opportunities and demands of staffing your business may be affected by material changes in the law. Gordon Law remains committed to helping you through these opportunities and challenges.

Many businesses seek to use independent contractors instead of employees. With independent contractors, your business may be able to attract a different talent pool and reduce some of the costs associated with hiring employees. The federal government just issued new standards for who qualifies as an independent contractor.  
To learn more about if you can incorporate independent contractors into your business and the proper way to do so, read HERE.  
I am privileged to be the chairwoman of the Henderson Chamber of Commerce's Legislative Committee. This committee diligently advocates on behalf of the 1,700 members of the Henderson Chamber. The 2019 Legislative Session started on February 3, 2019. On tap we will see moves to increase minimum wage and mandate paid sick leave, along with other measures that may substantially impact the operation of your business.  
Gordon Law will keep you informed of these actions as they become more apparent. As always, please know you can reach out to us if you have any questions about proposed legislation.

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