February 2017

"How can I help you?"

It seems like a simple and common question. 

When I ask it of my clients or contacts, I mean it sincerely. As a business attorney, I have the desire to help people as comprehensively as possible. Often times, practicing small business law seems to be more about me helping my clients make connections with others who can help them - whether they be bankers, accountants, payroll services, or contractors.

I am dedicated to our community in Southern Nevada and hope that you will see me more than just a business lawyer, but as a resource for you.

Please let me know . . . How can I help you?

Forty years ago, Neil Sedaka taught me a valuable lesson - breaking up is hard to do. If you need to terminate an employee, your breakup may lead to liability for your business if you don't do it correctly. Read HERE about how to let your employee know "it's me and not you" to protect yourself from future liability.

Bills, bills, bills. The Nevada Legislature convened on February 6, 2017. I am closely monitoring bills that may affect business regulations, operations, taxation and development. There will be debate over minimum wage, workforce-ready educational programs, and significant questions over property taxes. Please reach out to me if you have a question or concern about a particular bill.

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