January 2018

Happy New Year! I hope you had peaceful and joyful holidays and are looking forward to a prosperous 2018. Many indicators show that business in Southern Nevada is growing and the economy is on the rise. I am hopeful this is true for your business as well.

As the New Year begins, Gordon Law recommends that you take stock of your current business and see where you can grow and improve efficiencies. To that end, as you will read below, the benefit of getting a legal "check-up" should outweigh the costs. How do you know if you are paying the right amount for legal services? I encourage you to ask me (or any other legal professional) to explain the basis for how you are being charged for services. Gordon Law is here to maximize the benefits of your business while minimizing your risks. You should make sure that you understand how I bring value to your business. As always, please reach out to me  DIRECTLY  if you ever have questions about your billing.

As you know, Gordon Law advocates for its clients to address small problems before they become big problems. The biggest challenge that businesses have in being proactive, rather than reactive, to their problems is the fear of how much it will cost them in legal fees. I invite you to read HERE to learn about how to measure "reasonable" attorney's fees.

Operating a business can be difficult. Those challenges can be made greater by outside influences. We have all heard, often in graphic detail, of the pervasive incidents of sexual harassment within the entertainment, media and tech industries (along with inside the government). In fact, I recently saw a billboard on I-15 that stated, "We sue your boss."  

On February 1, 2018, I will be offering a seminar to inform and assist Nevada businesses to prevent and properly respond to sexual harassment claims. You may register for the seminar 

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