Welcome to 2016! Have you made resolutions for this year? Have you remembered to make resolutions for your business, too?

Each day you are faced with a multitude of business choices and decisions. Some of these choices will lead to growth and opportunity. Some may lead to conflict and even litigation. You have the ability to anticipate some things, but often change (whether good or bad) seems to appear out of nowhere. Gordon Law is here to assist you through positive changes or struggles. It is our goal to enhance your opportunities and mitigate your challenges.

I look forward to working with you in 2016!

Letters of Intent (LOI) are commonly used in a variety of business transactions from commercial leases to acquisitions of entire businesses. If you are looking to grow or make substantive changes in 2016, you will likely enter into one or several LOIs. It is important that you make sure your LOI has the language you need. Please read more about this HERE

Gordon Law   can assist you in drafting or reviewing LOIs along with the formal contract that follows.

Is better fitness included in your goals for 2016? I am honored to represent Star's Locker as it opens its doors to empower the residents of Henderson through truth in fitness.

I encourage you to experience best-in-class fitness programming in a unique dual studio environment, where fitness steps away from self-hatred and punishment into self-love, empowerment, and healing. Star's Locker is located at 11251 S. Eastern in Henderson, NV.


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