June 2018

Here we are in summer. I hope you are taking the time necessary to recharge your personal batteries. Your business is only as strong as you are and it is beneficial to both you and your business to take some time to unplug, literally and figuratively. Part of building a strong business is the confidence to schedule a few days off to take care of yourself. Enjoy!

California is becoming more hostile to business all the time. On April 30, 2018, the California Supreme Court advanced its assault by further limiting the definition of independent contractors, making it far narrower than ever before.

Although Nevada has tightened its rules regarding classifications of independent contractors, it still remains a state that affords greater protections and benefits for businesses. Unlike California, Nevada is a business-friendly state. As a business lawyer who is licensed in both California and Nevada, the recent California Supreme Court decision just gives me one more reason to advise clients to utilize the benefits of Nevada for their businesses. 

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I have the great privilege of working with a variety of businesses in a variety of industries. I love learning about the nature of their businesses and how they strive for greatness. I had the pleasure of being interviewed for a podcast with CaseFuel about how I bring my legal skills to the community. 

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