March 2017

Spring is upon us, as is the end of the first quarter. As you may have noticed, I have dedicated my newsletters in this quarter to employees. In January, you read about creating and maintaining an effective employee handbook. Last month, we explored how to protect your business while terminating employees. This month, we are discussing protecting your business from claims of illegal employment practices. 

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For discriminating readers: Read HERE how to protect your business from claims of discrimination from employees.

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There are two particular areas of legislation that may have far-reaching effects on your business. Currently there are three different bills seeking to raise the minimum wage in Nevada. Two of them would raise it to $12.00 per hour, the third to $15.00 per hour. Even if you already pay above minimum wage, this may have a dramatic effect on your bottom line.

Beyond minimum wage, there are also three different bills seeking to alter or eliminate your ability to restrain competition from your former employees. I have previously written about covenants not to compete (please CLICK HERE ). Should any of the current bills pass, they may dramatically alter your relationship with current, past and future employees.

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